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Trailer ✓ When All is Said PDF by ↠´ Anne Griffin A Tale Of A Single Night The Story Of A LifetimeIf You Had To Pick Five People To Sum Up Your Life, Who Would They Be If You Were To Raise A Glass To Each Of Them, What Would You Say And What Would You Learn About Yourself, When All is Said And Done This Is The Story Of Maurice Hannigan, Who, Over The Course Of A Saturday Night In June, Orders Five Different Drinks At The Rainford House Hotel With Each He Toasts A Person Vital To Him His Doomed Older Brother, His Troubled Sister In Law, His Daughter Of Fifteen Minutes, His Son Far Off In America, And His Late, Lamented Wife And Through These People, The Ones Who Left Him Behind, He Tells The Story Of His Own Life, With All Its Regrets And Feuds, Loves And TriumphsBeautifully Written, Powerfully Felt, When All is Said Promises To Be The Next Great Irish Novel Eighty four year old Maurice Hannigan is ready to say goodbye All his affairs are in order, property sold, dog given to new owners, money in various accounts for various people, things given away, boxes packed with names of who gets the contents, everything done and sorted so he can enter a nursing home the next day At least that is where he tells those in the know, that he is going There are five people whose memories he want to toast first though One of the most poignant is the toast to his late brother The love between Maurice and his older brother Tony, was something most people could only hope to have Five years older than Maurice, Tony let Maurice know he would always be there to protect Maurice Maybe reading wasn t Maurice s thing b I m here to remember all that I have been and all that I will never be againWhen All is Said tells the life story of Maurice Hannigan Now an elderly man, he sits alone in the bar of the Rainford House Hotel Over the course of one evening, he raises toasts to five different people as he recounts the story of his life up until that moment Like all lives, Maurice s has moments of pure happiness, moments of darkness and misery, mistakes made and things left unsaid I think perhaps the quiet strength of this book and the saddest thing about it comes from knowing deep down that there s really only one way it can end.
Past tense, decade spanning family stories are totally my thing This one was no exception I got a very strong John Boyne The Heart s Invisi

There are 5 star books and then there are five star books with a story that make me wish I could givestars This is one of them There are debut novels and then there are debut novels which after I ve finished reading, have me thinking, wow what a debut and hoping that the author is working on her next book This is one of them I don t drink much beer, let alone one not from the fridge and certainly not stout I don t like whiskey at all, but I wanted to be sitting at this bar in Ireland, drinking every one of the five toasts to people in his life, in his heart along with Maurice Hannigan Maurice Hannigan had me from the first page It felt like a memoir, touching on events and people in his life, his life exposed as he tells these stories The heartache and grief and happiness that life brought to him and the excruciating loneliness as we meet him at age 84 I felt hi A subtly beautiful story that celebrates life, loss, and, most significantly, loveI m here to remember all that I have been and all that I will never be again One night in Meath, Ireland at a hotel 84 year old Maurice Hannigan makes five toasts to five people In doing so, he recounts those who have shaped his life in the most important ways His tribute to these five individuals reveals his accomplishments, regrets, and unwavering love for his friends, family, and his wife, Sadie This is a lovely, touching read that is beautifully written Maurice s story is both understated and raw I loved getting to know him and reading his truthful account of his life He doesn t sugarcoat or make excuses He basks in the glory of his small victories In Meath, he is known for

Anne Griffin is an Irish novelist She was educated at University College Dublin where she received her MA in Creative WritingAnne was awarded the John McGahern Award for Literature, recognising previous and current works Amongst others, she has been shortlisted for the Hennessy New Irish Writing Award and the Sunday Business Post Short Story Award.Anne s debut novel When All Is Said will be pu