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[ Read Online Wahhabism: A Critical Essay ✓ landscaping PDF ] by Hamid Algar ↠´ Nothing really to it A basic diatrabe on what the author believes as the difference between wahhabi and other isalmists It takes him to the second to last chapter to tell you that he is against wahhabism I knew that after the first chapter This book is short and doesn t comprise of really anything It makes statements without expanding and giving them a rational Kind of like the orthodox christians have a different cross than the roman, and stopping without saying why.
Wahhabism, A Peculiar Interpretation Of Islamic Doctrine And Practice That First Arose In Mid Eighteenth Century Arabia, Is Sometimes Regarded As Simply An Extreme Or Uncompromising Form Of Sunni Islam This Is Incorrect, For At The Very Outset The Movement Was Stigmatized As Aberrant By The Leading Sunni Scholars Of The Day, Because It Rejected Many Of The Traditional Beliefs And Practices Of Sunni Islam And Declared Permissible Warfare Against All Muslims That Disputed Wahhabi Teachings Nor Can Wahhabism Be Regarded As A Movement Of Purification Or Renewal, As The Source Of The Genuinely Revivalist Movements That Were Underway At The Time Not Until Saudi Oil Money Was Placed At The Disposal Of Its Propagandists Did Wahhabism Find An Echo Outside The Arabian Peninsula The Author Discusses The Rise Of Wahhabism At The Hands Of Muhammad B Abd Al Wahhab, A Native Of Najd In The Eastern Part Of The Arabian Peninsula, The Doctrines He Elaborated To Serve As The Basis Of The Wahhabi Sect, And The Alliance He Concluded With The Saudi Family, Then Rulers Of The Principality Of Al Dir Iya An Early Result Of This Union Was A Creeping Conquest Of The Arabian Peninsula, Misnamed As Jihad It Culminated In The Sacking Of Taif And The Occupation Of Mecca In This First Wahhabi Occupation Was Short Lived But Wahhabism Triumphed Anew With The Foundation Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia In Among The Extensions Of Wahhabism Beyond Arabia Must Be Accounted The Perverse And Brutal Regime Of The Taliban In Afghanistan The beauty of this book is that Dr Hamid Algar relies on Saudi historical writings themselves to proves his case As it is an essay, it is quite short I only wish it was expanded into a full fledged book.
A brief introduction to Wahhabism I read for a class on Islam I took as part of my religion program at FSU A competent introduction.
The first part of the book about the history of the rise of Wahhabism and the founder of the movement is good The other parts of the book are not so great the author sounds like another type of Islamist fundamentalist This is basically just a case of one Muslim sect criticizing another, so don t expect much rationality here.
Fiery yet engaging and well referenced polemics.

The best way to understand Saudi Arabia read it.
Tinjauan kritis Prof Algar atas gerakan Wahhabi ini enak dibaca, bernas juga Pendirian pendiriannya atas gerakan yang didirikan Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab ini juga mewakili suara suara kaum Muslim mainstream Memang subjektif, tapi tetap akademis Kadang kadang, saya harus mengeluarkan senyum simpul saat membaca komentar komentar sambil lalu Algar atas Wahhabisme atau Ibn Abd al Wahhab Misalnya, saat ia menulis bahwa buku buku Ibn Abd al Wahhab lebih pantas disebut buku catatan seorang pelajar daripada karya seorang ulama yang mumpuni di bidangnya atau ketika ia menyinggung lembaga lembaga dakwah Wahhabi di zaman sekarang yang secara absurd dan salah kaprah disebut universitas Saya kira, pendapat Algar bahwa Wahhabisme merupakan gerakan sempalan, bukan salah satu sub aliran dalam Ahl al Sunnah wa l Jama ah, patut

Hamid Algar began his studies of Arabic, Persian and Islamic Civilzation at Cambridge in 1959 After graduating, he spent a lengthy and fruitful period of travel in Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan before returning to Cambridge in 1963 and completing his doctorate there two years later He has been teaching in the Department of Near Eastern Studies since 1965, providing a wide range of instruction in