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à Read ✓ Torn by Jennifer L. Armentrout è It was great seeing Ivy and Ren again and learning about the fae I didn t love this one as much as the first book The beginning and middle were a little slow, but the ending was crazy and left me so excited for the next book, Brave.
Torn Between Duty And Survival, Nothing Can Be The Same Everything Ivy Morgan Thought She Knew Has Been Turned On Its Head After Being Betrayed And Then Nearly Killed By The Prince Of The Fae, She S Left Bruised And Devastated And With An Earth Shattering Secret That She Must Keep At All Costs And If The Order Finds Out Her Secret, They Ll Kill Her Then There S Ren Owens, The Sexy, Tattooed Elite Member Of The Order Who Has Been Sharing Ivy S Bed And Claiming Her Heart Their Chemistry Is Smoking Hot, But Ivy Knows That Ren Has Always Valued His Duty To The Order Above All Else He Could Never Touch Her If He Knew The Truth That Is, If He Let Her Live At All Yet How Can She Live With Herself If She Lies To Him But As The Fae Prince Begins To Close In, Intent On Permanently Opening The Gates To The Otherworld, Ivy Is Running Out Of Options If She Doesn T Figure Out Who She Can Trust And Fast It S Not Only Her Heart That Will Be Torn Apart, But Civilization Itself Ein toller zweiter Band, der mich gut unterhalten hat Manche Dinge waren zwar etwas offensichtlich, das tut dem ganzen aber keinen Abbruch Ich freu mich jetzt schon auf das Finale.
Die Handlung von Torn setzt unmittelbar nach den Ereignissen des ersten Bands an, wodurch der Leser sich schnell wieder in der Geschichte zurecht finden kann Der Schreibstil von Jennifer L Armentrout hat einfach etwas an sich, wonach man total s chtig wird und gar nicht anders kann als so durch die Seiten zu fliegen Deswegen habe ich diesen Folgeband auch schneller verschlungen, als ich eigentlich erwartet hatte und als mir lieb war Denn nun muss ich wieder bis Februar warten, um zu erfahren wie die Geschichte um Ivy Ren ausgeht.
Oft geht es einem bei Reihen ja auch so, dass der erste Band letzendlich der St rkste ist und leider der Verlauf der Geschichte immer schw cher wird Aber bei Torn kann ich absolut nur beipflichten, dass mir sowohl die Charakterentwicklungen als auch das Buch selbst um l ngen besser gefallen ha This book was a fun, awesome and semi intense read but kinda fell a little short of the first book It was still good but in certain parts it felt like it dragged for years Predictable to the point of me being about to know half of the events before they happened so yea not my favorite JLA book I ve read but still semi enjoyable to read, just wasn t amazing like all her other work It did have a bit character building and back stories to all the ppl involved so that was a plus Tink is by far my favorite in these books His witty snarky, caring not caring mainly to Ren and everyone else besides Ivy and Dixon mischievous, super smart mind, and his overall badassery when it s least expect makes him my favorite character to read about Ivy and Ren were cute and kickass as ever but certain parts of their relationship drama seeme So, I m a bit Torn over this book pun intended because although I did enjoy it it s JLA, so come on like and there were loads of things I loved about it Ren and Tink anyone there were a few niggly issues which stopped me engaging in my usual gush fest things that prevented me from rating this a five star read But I ll start with the good stuff I loved how Ivy behaved in this book She gets on with things, refusing to be seen as altered or injured or weak, and she never indulges in self pity She wants to take control and deal with things head on Rock on Ivy.
Ren is still a hot, sexy, sweet guy and I totally ship him with Ivy Yes, he lost his way a little but I forgave him because he recovered spectacularly I enjoyed the romantic scenes between our couple even if they were a bit scant overall.
TINK Omg, I loved Tink in Wicked Spoilers for Wicked If you haven t read Wicked yet, you can read my review here I don t want to die Torn was an emotional ride that was filled with uncertainty and characters I absolutely loved It was everything I was hoping the second book would be and much, much I was left on such a high and I truly can t wait for the release of the next book to see what happens with characters who have easily become favorites for me Each and every one of them has embedded themselves in my heart Ivy is someone who makes me want to be her best friend, Ren makes me want to steal him so he could do wicked things to me and I d love to carry Tink around in my purse all day so I could hear all of his crazy antics And I can t wait to see where their journey is going to go from here The hate building inside me burned brighter than a thousand suns, but even with that rage, I always, a

7 so annoyed stars Oh dear Lady am I biased I m so unsure about what I should think When I started this book I was hyperconscious of the last book I read by Jennifer and how that turned out to be a true disappointment So I didn t want to go ahead and tear this book apart while reading it and what do you know I didn t like it.
I don t know if this is me realizing how similar all her books are and how unable I was to set apart her narratives Like, Ivy s voice is so similar to Kat s from her Lux series and to Alex s from her Covenant series and that s a problem I don t know if it s because that s the way she writes her paranormal fantasy stuff but it bothered me this time.
Ivy was so annoying and immature and, 4.
5 starsThere will be slight spoilers from the previous book in this review If you don t want Wicked spoilers STOP READING NOW Okay Okay Ivy Morgan is a member of The Order, a group with a mission to go out and kill Fae living in the human world At the end of the previous book she was almost killed by the Fae Prince, until he discovered she is the halfling he has been looking for This secret throws Ivy and she has no idea who to trust with this information Because the Prince needs Ivy to create an apocalypse baby, and The Order wants the halfling dead Should Ivy tell her boyfriend, Ren, the man she loves Or keep it a secret and run Recently some of the stuff JLA has put out has been quite the miss for me, and I love her books So I was a bit scared going into this book that I wouldn t like it, but I needn t have worried Reading this boo

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