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[ Read Online The Wrong Highlander ↠´ native-americans PDF ] by Lynsay Sands ì Pulling the plug on this time of DNF 20%I get that this was trying to be a comedy of errors with a side of slapstick, but it s just not working for me Kidnappingthe wrong person, naked and dangling from horse, falling off horse, boils on arse, tripping and falling on top of lady you found sleeping on floor outside the sickroom door, destruction of personal property of someone who helped you, and it continuesO.
o Just No.
I thought it was me I was wrong This is stupid.
This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI have had so much fun with this family here and I each book is guaranteed to keep you on your toes Now I admit, first off, the cover here that Avon did is wonderful and so sexy, I love a naked man under a waterfall But honestly, there is something so endearing about this series and you are always guaranteed a page turner and a charming love story whenever you pick up Lynsay Sands.
The Wrong Highlander is a story that begins with Conran Buchanan, who has been assisting his brother Ronan with gathering herbs for his healing potions Conran is the brother that is a jack of all trades and is always there with a helping hand But now Conran has found himself in a heap of trouble While cleaning himself in the river, he gets attacke I ve come to the conclusion that Lynsay Sands could write the phone book and I would probably read it and enjoy it I love how she diversifies herself between historical and paranormal I love how her words flow off the pages, how she can take perilous situations and make them fun and exciting She writes strong woman, handsome men and interesting stories that make it easy to turn the pages.
I loved being back with the Buchanan s Lady Evina and Conran were wonderful together They were a true comedy of errors right from the beginning You couldn t help but smile and laugh throughout this story of mistaken identity And, she brought all the Buchanan s together again and I absolutely love when I am able to visit with past characters that I fell in love with It was fun watching Lady Evina being the strong, capable woman of the Macl

4 stars Loved it This was so much better than the previous 2 books in this series Evina and Conran had amazing chemistry and although the story had the usual ups and downs of a Lynsay Sands book, things were not that obvious and the villain was a surprise It was also nice to note that the h was not a pushover and the H had to put in some serious time and effort to woo her Highly recommendedCan t wait to read what s next in this series.
Mistaken for his healing brother, Rory, Conran is kidnapped by Lady Evina to help heal her father who has taken to his sick bed Conran has picked up quite a bit about healing from his brother Rory so when tasked with healing Evina s father, he steps up to the plate But he is unsure of Evina s intention and doesn t let anyone know they have the wrong manuntil his family shows up and he finds himself betrothed to Evina.
Someone also tries to kill Evina and with the Buchanan s all showing up, they have plenty of people ready to help solve the mystery.
Fun, flirty and a the quirky Buchanan cast, The Wrong Highlander is the right novel for the historical romance fan.
I received this ARC copy of The Wrong Highlander from Avon This is my honest and voluntary review The Wrong Highlander is set for publication Jan 29, 2019.
My Rating 4 starsWritten by Lynsay SandsOn Sale Date January I ve been reading this series off and on, but I couldn t resist this synopsis I loved Evina and Conran They re both stubborn and the button pushing is amusing I loved how they talked and got to know each other, even if it was a bit backward Of course, the entire cast of family appeared and I had no idea who some of them were, but I m okay with that Plot wise, I never really settled into the evil thread I waswrapped up in the relationship, so I may have skimmed some of those parts I just didn t really care who was doing the targeting and the reveal was meh Overall, it was a fun and quick read I do enjoy these books and I can t wait to see who gets a book next Huge thanks to Avon books for providing the arc free of charge Series Highland Brides 7Publication Date 1 29 19Number of Pages 384I think I enjoy this seriesandwith each new book Each book is witty and humorous while still being tense, exciting and romantic The writing, as always, is excellent and the story is tightly plotted and well executed I love the main characters as well as the re appearances of the large and boisterous Buchanan family You can read this book as a stand alone, but I highly recommend the rest of the series otherwise, you ll miss out on some lovely stories and great background on some of the characters appearing in this story Including this story, we ve found HEA s for 5 of the 8 Buchanan s only threeto go I ve loved each of their stories and they are all wonderful So far the only sister, Saidh, has married along with Dougall, Niels, Aulay and now Conran We only have Rory, Alick, and Geordi left I can t wait for their stories.
A Laird S Daughter Kidnaps A Highlander And Loses Her Heart In New York Times Bestselling Author Lynsay Sands New Historical RomanceLady Evina Maclean Has Heard Much About Rory Buchanan S Skill As A Healer What She Hasn T Heard Is How Good The Brawny Highlander Looks Bathing In A Waterfall But Evina Can T Afford The Distraction, For Her Ailing Father Urgently Needs Care Only When She S Rendered Buchanan Unconscious And Dragged Him Back To Her Family S Castle Does The Truth Emerge It S Not Rory She S Kidnapped But His Brother ConranOther Ladies Try To Ensnare Conran With Flattery Evina Hits Him Over The Head With The Hilt Of Her Sword To Save Her Kin And Conran Likes The Spirited Redhead All The For It He S Learned Enough From His Brother To Heal Evina S Father, But There Are Other Dangers Swirling Around The Maclean Clan And While The Beautiful, Independent Lady Has Sworn Not To Marry, This Wrong Highlander May Be Just The Right Man For Her Evina Evi Mclean is desperate, her father is dying and she needs the best healer in the highlands, Rory Buchanan to come and tend him She didn t plan on kidnapping him, but when she and her men find him bathing in the waterfall, there isn t time for niceties she sends her cousin Gavin to bring him to her, but when a fight breaks out and she intervenes, Rory ends up unconscious and almost drowns Evi doesn t have time to wait for him to wake, so they tie him to his horse and are off.
When Conran Buchanan wakes, he realizes that they believe him to be his brother Rory, he is going to correct them when he sees how ill the laird is Conran is not a healer, but has assisted Rory enough to know how to bring a fever down He begins issuing orders and sets to This one was just okay As with all of LS s Highland books, if you ve read one you ve pretty much read them all because they re basically the same story over and over In other books of the series I ve still enjoyed the stories even though they were repetitive because I made a good connection with the characters Evi and Conran s relationship just felt very tame and boring view spoiler I was really looking forward to reading this story because I was intrigued by the blurb on the back It seemed very exciting and a source for good drama to have Evi kidnapping the wrong Buchanan brother Unfortunately that interesting premise turned out to be kind of a one trick pony The story opens with Evi, her 10 years younger cousin, Gavin, whom she basically raised, and her father s First whose name I forget They see Conran bathing in a waterfall and think he s R