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[Margery Allingham] ☆ The Tiger in the Smoke [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Read Online ☆ London, The Smoke To Cockneys And The Hipsters Who Appropriate Their Slang, Is Living Up To Its Nickname An Unusual Cold Snap Has Combined With The Fug From Coal Fires To Produce The Great Smog , Blanketing The City In Choking Shadow And Lurking In Those Shadows Is Jack Havoc, A Killer With A Particular Fondness For Knives Havoc Is By Far The Most Dangerous Villain That Albert Campion Has Ever Encountered, And His Startlingly Realistic Menace, Combined With The Light Touch Common To All The Campion Novels, Gives The Book A Modern Feel, As It Straddles A Line Between Golden Age Detective Fiction And Contemporary Psychological Suspense This is the fourteenth novel in the Albert Campion series and was published in 1952 The book begins with Meg Elginbrodde and Geoffrey Levett in a taxi Levett is a wealthy businessman, used to getting what he wants and he is desperately in love with Meg and intends to marry her The problem is that since their engagement was announced, Meg has been receiving photographs from her husband who she believed had died in the war She has turned to Campion and Detective Chief Inspector Charles Luke for advice, when a meeting is proposed between her and her former husband The man she glimpses across the fog bound platform of a station is certainly not her husband, but the mystery deepens after he is questioned and released.
What follows is an extremely atmospheric mystery set in a post war, weary London in a middle I find this a hard book to review cause it didn t impact me one way or another It says it is an Albert Campion mystery, but he was pretty nonexistent for the whole book The mystery seemed to solve itself For a book of this size, there certainly were an awful lot of people to meet Having never read a book by this author, I did wonder if I would have benefitted from reading earlier works What I did like about the book was the atmosphere the author created The book starts with a classic pea soup fog, which is unsettling everyone We meet Meg and Geoff who are trying to get to the train station, but are being slowed down by the fog Everything seems affected by this damn fog.
The author spendstime on the criminal element of the book than the detectives and people being affected They were well fleshed out the others not so much As stated Albert Campion was barely there Learnt nothing about h This review contains minor spoilers.
Reputed to be one of Margery Allingham s finest novels, The Tiger in the Smoke is an intelligent crime and detection novel set in a unique period of time just a few years after World War II a time when poor people were still very poor and had a rough life, when most men were ex servicemen many with terrible memories of violence and many having committed them for their country at what cost A time when London was plagued by smog though that term was not used when this book was written, so it is called simply fog.
The fog smog lends a darkness and opaqueness to many scenes in the story and permits the gang of baddies move around unnoticed, aided by the fact that they are a motley crew osten A good story buta thriller than detective story Jack Havoc is a psychopath with a fixation on the code he lives by or the science of luck Very atmospheric with the fog of London The story starts with Megs husband apparently back from the dead Jack Havoc escapes from prison A gang of misfits accidentally kidnaps Megs fianc e I loved the setting of a fog bound London very atmospheric and then the switch to a remote place in France What follows is a roller coaster of murders and desperation on both sides Luke the detective running on gas vapors and Campion really only playing a minor role A good story though and karma appears at the end.
From the very first, this book gripped me Margery Allingham discloses a mystery right from page two when Meg and her fiance are presented with a dilemma Meg s first husband, Major Elginbrodde, thought to have died during the war, has suddenly resurfaced, just days before Meg s wedding.
Thankfully Meg has resources available to her, and she immediately turns over the case to Detective Albert Campion But even with the aid of Campion and the expertise of the local police force, Meg is going to take some very foolish naive actions on her own initiativeAmanda saw her dark figure silhouetted against its pallid square of light for an instant Then she was gone.
The other girl remained where she was, listening She heard the faint whine of the drawing room door hings, and a single step on the wo London is enveloped by an almost apocalyptic smog that obscures everything, both physically and figuratively speaking A murderer is wandering the streets, searching for a way to a treasure Albert Campion is called to help on the case, but he doesn t really do much detective work, appearing instead as a distant character mostly hovering in the background Misleading, because the series is supposed to contain Albert Campion mysteries Campion isn t even his real name Allingham does a lot of dwelling with the characters personalities and their behaviour and whatnot, but the actual crime solving is left on the sidelines, whereas psychological ponderings take up a lot of space.
I ended up feeling conflicted about the whole book, because Allingham is wonderful at describing London and the effect of the smog The side characters obsessed with the treasure are biza Just excellent Even if the true name of the villain of the piece made me laugh it s not the author s fault a famous singer later bore the same name Beautifully written The smog seemed almost like a character in itself and the whole thing was very atmospheric Campion himself didn t feature as much as he might have, but it still all worked admirably The ending was perfect Recommended.
This is a thriller, not a detective novel, and a superb one The holding back of one star is because I deem the thriller genre, defined as a tale focused primarily on danger and pursuit, to be inherently limited Tiger boasts, however, a nugget of theological drama which, if it had been integrated into the fabric of the novelthoroughly, might have raised it into the same class as Dostoevsky s Crime and Punishment The killer, Jack Havoc this is not a spoiler , follows what he calls the science of luck which brings him nothing but good fortune if only he will be disciplined enough never to be soft i.
, compassionate or kind The nugget to which I refer is his encounter with a clergyman who explains what his science of luck really is This scene is not a didac Sometime in the 1980s my local paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, published the favorite mysteries of Dilys Winn, editor of Murder Ink and Murderess Ink, which are apparently companion volumes for fans.
I used to clip the reviews of appealing new books with the intent of getting around to them a pre internet version of the To Be read shelf Like my TBR shelf here on Goodreads, that file got really thick, and most of the stuff in it was ignored and forgotten.
But I recently decided to get rid of some clutter, and got around to my files Most of the stuff in the Reading List file went straight into the recycling bin, but a few caught my eye One was a report I d apparently requested and paid for on what books were considered required reading in American secondary education I presumably wanted to double check my literacy, and I see that I still haven t read ma

Maxwell March.Margery Louise Allingham was born in Ealing, London in 1904 to a family of writers Her father, Herbert John Allingham, was editor of The Christian Globe and The New London Journal, while her mother wrote stories for women s magazines Margery s aunt, Maud Hughes, also ran a magazine Margery earned her first fee at the age of eight, for a story printed in her aunt s magazine.Soon after Margery s birth, the family left London for Essex She returned to London in 1920 to attend the Regent Street Polytechnic now the University of Westminster , and met her future husband, Philip Youngman Carter They married in 1928 He was her collaborator and designed the cover jackets for many of her books.Margery s breakthrough came 1929 with the publication of her second novel,