[Cynthia Saltzman] ✓ Portrait of Dr. Gachet : The Story of a Van Gogh Masterpiece : Modernism, Money, Politics, Collectors, Dealers, Taste, Greed, and Loss [vampire-hunters PDF] Ebook Epub Download À aqqa.pro

[Cynthia Saltzman] ✓ Portrait of Dr. Gachet : The Story of a Van Gogh Masterpiece : Modernism, Money, Politics, Collectors, Dealers, Taste, Greed, and Loss [vampire-hunters PDF] Ebook Epub Download À In , One Of Vincent Van Gogh S Last Paintings, Portrait Of Dr Gachet, Was Sold For The Astonishing Price OfMillion This Fascinating Book Reconstructs The Painting S Journey And Becomes A Rich Story Of Modernism And The Forces Behind The Art Market Portrait Of Dr Gachet Was One Of Van Gogh S Last Paintings, Completed Just Weeks Before His Suicide Depicting The Eccentric Physician Who Was Attempting To Treat The Artist, This Painting Was Viewed By Van Gogh As A Summation Of His Ideas About Portraiture Cynthia Saltzman S Book Reconstructs The Journey Of This Revolutionary And Haunting Painting, In Which, As Van Gogh Wrote, He Strove To Capture The Heartbroken Expression Of Our Time As Saltzman Superbly Shows, This Painting Not Only Evokes The Ethos Of Modern Life But Also Illuminates The Ways In Which Art, Politics, And The Market Have Intersected In The Th Century Affected By Broad Social And Cultural Change, The Painting S Fate Was Also Influenced By Innovations In The Way Art Was Sold And Displayed, And By The Growing Role Of Dealers And Museums This starts where Smith and White s biography of VVGogh ends it s the story of van Gogh s portrait of his doctor, one of his final works Saltzman tells how it grew in value, until it was sold for an astounding 82.
5 million to a Japanese businessman who was planning a golf community named after van Gogh Unfortunately, he was found guilty of bribery and died At the end of the book the painting is wrapped and stored the property of maybe his family or maybe his creditors The book was published in 1998 My quick Google search did not reveal what happened after that Truthfully, I skipped the boring parts This book did not speak to me deeply, but it does illuminate the relationship between finance and art, and it makes me wonder what happened to the value of all Saltzman makes several factual errors about Vincent This was discouraging to read I know something about Vincent but I know nothing about the history of what happened to the painting of Dr Gachet Saltzman s research was supposed to be brilliant Would the rest of the book be full of errors too The book was very interesting and I think that apart from the errors about Vincent, the rest of the book was probably credible The strange thing is that after the death of the Japanese industrialist Saito who bought the painting at auction for the highest price ever paid for a work of art sold at auction, no one knows what happened to the painting after Saito died in 1996 But Saltzman never mentions that there is any mystery to the painting s present location Saito died in 1996 and this book was written in 1998, so she knew of the disappearance of the painting And yet I didn t know there Bella la parte in cui racconta della Germania, in particolare di Francoforte e dello Stadel, il museo pricipale cittadino, prima dell avvento nazista al potere Di Van Gogh non sa molto, talvolta si contraddice anche, non ha una tesi sulla sua grandezza di pittore, e scarta a priori l influenza che ebbe su di lui la malattia dovuta a eccessiva stanchezza, causata dal lavoro Non si parla dell autore del quadro se non poco e superficialmente I protagonisti sono coloro che hanno avuto a che fare con il quadro galleristi, venditori, direttori di museo, i politici nazisti, che lo sequestrarono dal museo di Francoforte, perch considerato un opera dell arete degenerata.
Essendo un libro di storia dell arte, solo 3 stelle perch manca l indice dei nomi, e non ci sono le note Infine, in un saggio non si deve mai scrivere fo too boring for me Dreadfully dull and boring I think one would have to be really into art, I daresay even really into this particular painting to find this book engaging I enjoy art, I suppose though at a much lower level than needed to appreciate this book.
This book chronicles the journey of the portrait of Dr Gachet as it has been sold and bought over the past 100 years The art history interspersed is interesting as well.
Fascinating look at the life of this painting, especially in light of the recent documentary The rape of Europe and the motion picture Monuments Men Although there are some technical sections of the book, the stories of the former owners of the paintings, the collectors and curators that believed in this painting either by acquiring it for their galleries, private collections or museums they curated are fascinating the story includes a nefarious history as part of the degenerate paintings that was cleansing by Hitleras well as the exploration of what this painting considered a master piece symbolizes, its worth one of the most expensive works of art ever to be auctioned and its stature In penultimate chapter, the author notes a quote by Van Gogh itself And those high prices one hears about, paid for works of painters who are dead and who were never paid so much while they were aliv Having been somewhat disappointed by van Gogh The Life , I needed something to set me straight, so I returned to Saltzman s charming book on the life of a painting It is a great read , very dramatic without being melodramatic a rare experience where van Gogh is concerned Here are four things to love about the book 1 So much art mythology centers on the lone genius What your learn in a van Gogh Portrait is how super connected the artist was and how those connections kept his work on people s minds after his tragic death Van Gogh entered the art business as a teenager, was deeply involved in his collection of prints and knew most of the major figures in Paris in the 1880s His brother was a successful, pioneering dealer He was not a lone genius, but rather part of a world in which he benefitted from the support of other artists.
2 Saltzman s This is a fascinating and well researched book about one of the greatest portraits by one of the greatest artists, Portrait of Dr Gachet, by Vincent van Gogh This book traces the history of the work itself, but also its provenance how it bounced from collector to collector, was confiscated by the Third Reich, narrowly escaped to the US and decades later was sold for a record price during the art market explosion of the late 80s early 90s While not every part of book is equally exciting or interesting, the large marjory of it is an engaging and interesting history, giving you a new perspective on the artist himself and the machinations of the art world in the succeeding centuries I really enjoyed this history, which has only been fully put together in the last couple decades Some passages especially when she discusses how it narrowly escaped the clutches of

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