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[Kevin Cook] » The Last Headbangers [dragons PDF] Read Online ↠´ Between The Immaculate Reception InAnd The Catch In , Pro Football Grew Up In , Steelers Star Franco Harris Hitchhiked To Practice NFL Teams Roomed In Skanky Motels They Played On Guts, Painkillers, Legal Steroids, Fury, And Camaraderie A Decade Later, Joe Montana S Gleamingly Efficient Ers Ushered In A New Era The Corporate, Scripted, Multibillion Dollar NFL We Watch Today Kevin Cook S Rollicking Chronicle Of This Pivotal Decade Draws On Interviews With Legendary Players Harris, Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Ken Snake Stabler To Re Create Their Heroics And Off Field Carousing He Shows Coaches John Madden And Bill Walsh Outsmarting Rivals As Monday Night Football Redefined Sports Place In American Life Celebrating The Game While Lamenting The Physical Toll It Took On Football S Greatest Generation, Cook Diagrams The NFL S Transformation From Second Tier Sport Into National Obsession I was 10 years old, when The Houston Oilers drafted Earl Campbell, and the whole city seemed to catch Luv Ya Blue fever I was hooked on Pro Football from then on I read everything I could on the game, and I watched everything I could on TV, about the game The Last Headbangers looks at the NFL, mainly between the years 1972 1981 While a lot of subjects are covered, the books seems to be very Pittsburgh Steeler heavy The Dolphins, Raiders, Cowboys and later 49ers get their due, but this book seems to focus on the Steelers They did win 4 Super Bowls in the 1970 s, after all The writer makes a few mistakes, in regards to players and when they quit, and also some pop culture references All in all I did enjoy this book I remember this kind of football The game has changed a lot since 1972, and even since 1982 I was a little disappointed that the writer fails to mention a controvers Let me previse this review by saying I ve been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers professional football team since the late 1970s and before I hit double digits age wise So, any book that has them at the center of its story regarding the wild, violent era of the NFL that I loved as a kid Well, I m gonna be into that and that was the case with this book by Kevin Cook that follows a few of the decades top teams Steelers, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys a bunch of wimps who I hated as a kid because all my friends in Oklahoma loved them receiving the most attention The 1970s brand of pro football was drastically different than today s Legal steroids , open drug use, all kinds of on field cheating, rugged style of playing and the kind of no holds barred violence that would make current commissioner or cza Raiders and Steelers fans unite for this breezy, nostalgic look at some of thecolorful and entertaining people and moments of the NFL during 1970 s and 1980 s Not the best book written about football about that era try Badasses by Peter Richmond if you re a Raider s fan or The One s Who Hit Hardest by Chad Millman and Shawn Coyne if you re a Steelers fan for better reads about football during its golden days But, Kevin Cook does a good job of highlighting some of the bigger moments that helped shape the NFL He also gives a glimpse into an era in pro sports and in America that has long since passed Naturally, the Dallas Cowboys are casted as the arrogant, prima donnas against the gritty, rowdy and rebellious Raiders and Steelers teams of the 70 s and 80 s anyone who knows about the likes of Duane Thomas, Cliff Harris, Randy White and Hollyw I won this book via a Goodreads First Reads giveaway The Last Headbangers recovers from a disastrous, clich ridden prologue to become a decent enough book about the NFL in the 1970s, the last decade before the West Coast Offense began ruling the civilized world Cook s hackery returns here and there I can t decide whether this is his style or he s trying to be tongue in cheek but football fans should find enough to keep them reading.
Favorite lines of the book, page 39 In 1972, the so called Year of the Runner, a record ten running backs gained 1,000 yards orThe Bills O.
J Simpson led the way, slashing to a league best 1,251 Yes Orenthal did a lot of slashing.
The title is misleading.
it is less about the entire league than it is about the Steelers and Raiders primarily, with some stuff mixed in on the Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, and at the end, the San Francisco 49ers There was a lot in 1970s football that I would ve liked to have in it the Washington Redskins of George Allen his paranoia of Dallas and the rivalry that ensuedon the Cowboys their offensive innovations, cheerleaders, drugs sex around it, comebacks by Staubach the 78 title game between Oakland Denver how Oakland got screwed multiple times the Al Davis Rozelle feud as well as Davis vs others, expansion And while he did try to tie the book to the present, he really rushed it, trying to encapsulate the 30 years that have passed in a matter of pages Overall a good, quick and easy read but could ve been better Also The Last Headbangers, Kevin Cook s paean to the violent and freewheeling NFL of the seventies is narrowly focused, somewhat disorganized, but still a generally entertaining read about some of the teams and characters of the period Cook, whose work has appeared in Sports Illustrated and Men s Health, mines one of the sport s richest eras and the book is full of trivia about the motley individuals on NFL payrolls during the decade and how the decade paved the way for the current NFL The seventies served as a real transitional period between the run heavy, no nonsense, collectivist, NFL of the previous several decades and today s flashy, lucrative, and wide open NFL as players such as Joe Namath became cultural icons and the sport openly embraced television and the passing game Though not without its flaws, the book is a li A Little Skewed, but Captures the Essence of the Awesomeness that WAS 70s Pro Football I was 11 when I attended my first and only NFL football game December 24, 1977 Family connections in Balti allowed us to see the AFC Divisional Playoff Game between the upstart and talented Balti Colts and those mean and dirty Oakland Raiders The image of sitting in the overcast, pre snow chill of Memorial Stadium on Christmas Eve for that particular game is indelibly etched in my memory as probably the greatest sporting event I ll ever see for the simple fact I was there Dave Casper s game winning double overtime TD catch aside In those days, NOTHING trumped NFL football and it s only now, with the NFL having morphed into its current state of being nothingthan a gaudy, money grubbing entity in which an uber juicy payday seems to elicit a My interest in American Football post dates the period this book covers by several decades Although many names crop up from time to time in contemporary coverage The Last Headbangers is an interesting look at a time when the sport, and the society in which the sport was played, was very different It s an entertaining romp through the period with a good mixture of contemporary sources andrecent interviews Recommended as a thoroughly entertaining read.
What fun I really enjoyed this book I followed pro football avidly during the 1970s, and this really captured it.

Kevin Cook, the award winning author of Titanic Thompson and Tommy s Honor, has written for the New York Times, the Daily News, GQ, Men s Journal, Vogue, and many other publications, and has appeared on CNN and Fox TV He lives in New York City.