Û The Hot-Blooded Groom Ï Download by ½ Emma Darcy

Û The Hot-Blooded Groom Ï Download by ½ Emma Darcy A very fast and enjoyable read.
He didn't waste any time!

Bryce Templar's father had given him an ultimatum: Bryce had one year to marry and produce an heir.

When Bryce met Sunny, the attraction between them was like a bolt of electricity.
Business was forgottenpassion took over.
and Sunny was stunned when Bryce proposed marriage the very next morning! He Didn't Waste Any Time!

Bryce Templar's Father Had Given Him An Ultimatum: Bryce Had One Year To Marry And Produce An Heir

When Bryce Met Sunny, The Attraction Between Them Was Like A Bolt Of Electricity Business Was ForgottenPassion Took Overd Sunny Was Stunned When Bryce Proposed Marriage The Very Next Morning! Good beginning.
Whirlwind affair of one night, hero proposes marriage the next morning.
For her own reasons, quite valid ones, she agrees.
They are married.
Incidentally she works for his company.

Then the story becomes somewhat regressive.
He has promised his sick daddy that he will marry and produce an heir quickly.

The girl takes the matter of having a kid so damn seriously, that she gets into a big depression because she is not yet pregnant.
Within a month of marriage !!!!!

Come on, I don't think any woman would be stupid enough to fret just because she had her first period after marriage.
A year or two may be.
But one month , really !!

Second month, baby arrives.
All is well.

Rather pointle Very insta love.
I felt as though Bryce was very possessive and domineering.
Really liked it

Only wish it was a little more detailed.
Fast read.
For those who love Harlequin, I definitely recommend it.
Enjoy! This was a nice and easy wish fulfillment story, very low angst and a good palate cleanser for after the last two books I read 3,5 deh.

I liked this book.
The h is a 29 year old gorgeous, talented and very likeable Australian.
The H is the CEO of the world wide industry that the h works for.
She is in Las Vegas for a work conference.
Her Fiance works for the same company and is there also but he has developed an immediate addiction to gambling and roulette and has ignored her and his work obligations for the four days they have been there.
Finally on the last day of conference the h, Sunny, confronts him and hands him her engagement ring and says the wedding is off.
The H, Bryce, has been eyeing Sunny since she gave a presentation that afternoon, and happens to see her break her engagement and he immediately moves to make a claim.
The H is also engaged and is unhappy with his engagement.
He got engaged to satisfy his father who has health problems and is demanding that he get married and produce an heir.
His engage Rating: 2.
5 stars

This was a weird book! First of all, the "marriage at first sight" thing was ridiculous.
Second of all, there was pretty much no plot.
Guy sees girl and decides he wants to marry her and have babies.
and that's it.
There wasn't really any conflict at all.
3rd, the hero's character did not seem real, more like a cardboard cutout of a Harlequin hero (gorgeous, sexy, successful, lusty, obsessed with marriage/babies).

I couldn't get a handle on either hero or heroine.
Hero had no depth at all, and heroine spent most of the time wondering "Am I doing the right thing marrying a guy I don't know AT ALL after literally just breaking up with my fiancee a few seconds ago?" (I'm whispering, NO YOU'RE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING! ARE YOU CRAZY?)


エマ ダーシー (Japanese)

Emma Darcy is the pseudonym created by the writing team marriage Wendy and Frank Brennan. Their life journey have taken as many twists and turns as the characters in their stories, whose international popularity have resulted in over sixty-million book sales. With more than a hundred titles, Emma Darcy appearing regularly on the Waldenbooks bestseller lists in the U.S.A. and in the Nielson BookScan Top 100 chart in the U.K.

Wendy was born 28 November 1940 in Australia. She obtained a Honours degree in Latin and initially worked as a high school English/French teacher. She married Frank Brennan, a Australian businessman borned in 1936. She changed careers to computer programming before marriage and motherhood settled her into a community life. She was reputedly the first woman computer programmer in the southern hemisphere.

A voracious readers, the step to writing their own books seemed a natural progression and the challenge of creating exciting stories was soon highly addictive. They were published since 1983. In 1993, for the Emma Darcy pseudonym's 10th anniversary, they created the "Emma Darcy Award Contest" to encourage authors to finish their manuscripts. After the death of Frank Brennan in 1995, Wendy now writes the books on her own. She currently living in a beachside property on the central coast of New South Wales, she travels extensively to research settings and increase her experience of places and people.