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Trailer Ú The Dreamers PDF by ✓ Karen Thompson Walker These days, science doesn t take much interest in dreams.
2 stars I m rating this purely based on my personal enjoyment and connection with the narrative Some people are going to love this book I read Walker s The Age of Miraclesthan six years ago, didn t love it, but wanted to give her another try I know my tastes have changed Maybe even the author had changed, too As it turns out, my review of her debut is fairly similar to how I feel about The Dreamers, comma splices aside.
This book is full of dreamy hypnotic prose I can count on one hand the amount of books where this style has worked for me In fact, right now, I can t actually think of one There s this sense that you are looking down on everything from a distance through a haze It is written in third person and moves through small chapters vignettes, almost with many different people who I An epidemic of perpetual sleep strikes a small town Many are trapped not by a captor, but by their own slumber I was captivated immediately from page one A frightful opening made me ever so curious to read onThis author s writing style was mesmerizing and magical I was absorbed in her words and the fictional town in California Literary fiction at its best without needless side stories or wasted dialogue The story flows effortlessly and I adored it.
It begins with some college dorm students falling ill, into a sleepliness, a dizziness, a state of dreaming As the sleep virus spreads so does the frequency of townspeople wearing hospital masks and blue latex gloves There is a growing buzz of panic and gloom Some of terrified of the sensation of sleepiness Nathaniel believes that hysteria over the illness is the real disease of the era As the cases b This narrative style From the first paragraph I knew I was going to be so pulled into this story, whatever it was going to be, by the writing There is something about it, the way Karen Thompson Walker tells this story It s third person narrative and I felt removed as if I was watching this on film or on the stage but at the same time there s an intimacy that affords the reader a connection to these characters, their fears, their loneliness, their pasts, and their dreams from this deep sleep While this felt very visual, I didn t find the language to be overly descriptive It was clear and concise and beautiful In a small town of Santa Lora, California the sleep sickness, caused by a virus first hits a college dorm One by one they are taken to the hospital, until some doctors and nurses fall into this sleep, and the hospital

It is much harder for me to write a review of a book that I did not like rather than one I loved I do not usually read science fiction fantasy or whatever genre this would be assigned to but the reviews were so good for this novel I decided to give it a try.
The premise is not a new one There have been many books written and movies made of a virus or some alien illness infecting humans and making them behave in one way or another In this case whatever this is, makes humans fall into a deep sleep Doctors have them hooked up for hydration and they show high levels of brain activity, but what does it all mean It starts in the dorm of a college town in Santa Lora, California, a very idyllic setting The book initially had me hooked, I kept reading to see where it Confession time I m a total hypochondriac I don t watch medical shows, because I ve convinced myself I m dying of things it s medically impossible for me to contract I caught a bad cold two days after finishing The Stand , and I was convinced the end was near I m a mess.
Needless to say, it might not have been the best idea to finish Karen Thompson Walker s The Dreamers just before bed, but luckily I m here to tell you about it The only way to tell some stories is with the oldest, most familiar words this here, this is the breaking of a heart Another semester of college has started in a sleepy Southern California town Kara leaves a party one night saying she doesn t feel well Everyone figures she s probably had too much to drink She gets into bed and falls asleep She s still asleep when her roommate, Mei, leaves for class the next morning, but Mei isn t concerned, because Kara has do 4.
5 College A time when teens begin the transformation into adulthood Truly, just teenagers experiencing life away from home for the first time Wide eyed excitement, anticipation and seemingly endless opportunities the world has to offer them.
But at an un assuming, small college in Santa Lora California, that idyllic life is about to change forever.
When Kara comes home unusually early from a night of drinking, she slips quietly into her dorm, and climbs into her bunkbed The next morning, her roommate Mei can t wake her from what seems like a deep, drunken slumber It s not long before everyone realizes this is only the beginning, as others begin to drift away into the same deep, deep sleep.
Are these students playing a college prank Copying each others behavior Or does the town need to take thisserious Me Liking a sci fi book It s true And no, I did not undergo electric shock therapy This book is almost pogo stick worthy, it s so damn good I don t even know what category this book fits into To me, it s not pure sci fi, really Is there such a thing as disaster books, like there are disaster movies Because that s what it is It s not about aliens or weird gadgets it s about a virus, a sleeping sickness, that takes over a college town Maybe it should be called sci fi light Well, whatever we want to call it, this book is excellent And what makes it so excellent is that it s character driven something I don t usually associate with a sci fi book.
There are about ten or so characters Every single one is well drawn and likeable, and each one evoked my sympathy Most of the story revolves around a couple with a newborn, a survivalist father an In An Isolated College Town In The Hills Of Southern California, A Freshman Girl Stumbles Into Her Dorm Room, Falls Asleep And Doesn T Wake Up She Sleeps Through The Morning, Into The Evening Her Roommate, Mei, Cannot Rouse Her Neither Can The Paramedics Who Carry Her Away, Nor The Perplexed Doctors At The Hospital Then A Second Girl Falls Asleep, And Then Another, And Panic Takes Hold Of The College And Spreads To The Town As The Number Of Cases Multiplies, Classes Are Canceled, And Stores Begin To Run Out Of Supplies A Quarantine Is Established The National Guard Is Summoned Mei, An Outsider In The Cliquish Hierarchy Of Dorm Life, Finds Herself Thrust Together With An Eccentric, Idealistic Classmate Two Visiting Professors Try To Protect Their Newborn Baby As The Once Quiet Streets Descend Into Chaos A Father Succumbs To The Illness, Leaving His Daughters To Fend For Themselves And At The Hospital, A New Life Grows Within A College Girl, Unbeknownst To Her Even As She Sleeps A Psychiatrist, Summoned From Los Angeles, Attempts To Make Sense Of The Illness As It Spreads Through The Town Those Infected Are Displaying Unusual Levels Of Brain Activity, Than Has Ever Been Recorded They Are Dreaming Heightened Dreams But Of What 4 genre spanning stars The Dreamers is a different sort of read for me, and I m grateful I read it The premise A disease is affecting a college town causing unstoppable sleep and vividly strange dreams It all starts at a university in Southern California when a student, Kara, falls asleep and no one can rouse her, not her roommate, Mei, and not even the doctors at the hospital That event is then followed by another student, and then another, and then the town is sieged with panic by this unknown and perplexing illness.
At first no one knows why this is happening Are the students playing a prank With the doctors finding no known medical cause, just what could be going on I personally cannot imagine how scared I would feel in that situation Karen Thompson Walker s writing is stunning, and I found my emotions all over the place while readi 4.
25 Stars.
In Santa Lora, California, a College Student, named Kara, falls into a deep dream filled sleep No one can wake her She is the first of many Mei was Kara s roommate, she and several other survivors on Kara s floor, including a teenager named Matthew, have been quarantined Two sisters, Sara and Libby are left to fend for themselves after their father succumbs to sleep Around town, there are armed guards, keeping the uninfected together in one place Supermarkets are out of food and people are scared The brain waves of the sick are highly unusual showing that The Dreamers are in an active dream state and no one has any idea what it means My nerves were on high alert from the very first, my detecti

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