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[ Pdf The Conviction to Lead ✓ art-books-monographs PDF ] by R. Albert Mohler Jr. á Great resource for any leader Mohler combines his experience in training the next generation of Christian leaders with the best of what you can find in other leadership genres The difference for Mohler, though, is leadership grounded in truth.
There are an innumerable number of books on the subject of leadership Everyone wants to be a leader and everyone is willing to tell you how to do it.
So how is this book any different First off, it is written by Albert Mohler, who is one of the clearest and most insightful voices in all of Christendom If you aren t currently subscribed to his blog, you should be He is also the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is responsible for leading the institution back to its founding principals To make a long story short He is the epitome of the Christian Leader.
So is this book is only for leaders or those who desire to be No There are nuggets of wisdom there in that will challenge or inspire everyone Besides, everyone leads something I was challenged most in Change The Way You Think About LeadershipAt The Age Of Thirty Three, Dr Albert Mohler Became The Youngest President In TheYear History Of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary He Was The Driving Force Behind The School S Transformation Into A Thriving Institution With An International Reputation Characterized By A Passionate Conviction For Truth In The Process He Became One Of The Most Important And Prominent Christian Voices In Contemporary CultureWhat Will It Take To Transform Your Leadership Effective Leaders Need Than Administrative Skills And Vision They Need To Be Able To Change The Hearts And Minds Of Those They Lead Leadership Like This Requires Passionate Beliefs That Can Stand Up To Pressure From Without And WithinNow For The First Time, Dr Mohler RevealsPrinciples To Crystallize Your Convictions, Revolutionizing Your Thinking, Your Decision Making, Your Communication, And Ultimately Those You Lead I have a confession to make I really don t like leadership books.
Don t get me wrong I read books on leadership frequently, and I understand the value that good books on leadership add to my own ability to lead In many ways, leadership is a very pragmatic subject, and I ve greatly benefited from many of the ones I ve read I ve just never actually enjoyed one before.
Until now.
Mohler makes no effort to hide the fact that The Conviction to Lead is categorically different from the plethora of other leadership books that have flooded Christian and secular bookstores over the last few decades His first sentence lays it all on the line Let me warn you right up front my goal is to change the way you think about leadership I do not aim merely to add one voice to the I enjoyed this book from the moment I started reading, and never tired of it till I put it down Excellent and ambitious as its author Mohler begins, I want to fundamentally change the way leadership is understood and practiced 15 How By emphasizing the centrality of conviction to biblical leadership And who better to write on the topic Another fitting subtitle for this book would be, How to Be Like Al Mohler But that s okay, because many of us appreciate what Mohler has accomplished and are eager to learn from him I guess that s why he wrote this book.
Here are my top 21 take away s, ranked from least to most significant.
1 Learn how to invite good feedback You can t rely on the comments you receive afterwards People will often tell you that they enjoyed your speech when they aren t sure why it mattered 130.
2 The wise leader understands that he is not indispensable Maybe three stars is a bit overly critical, but I expected something better Mohler states at the outset that he wants to change how the reader thinks about leadership I don t think he accomplished that in me, but that is not to say his book isn t useful or wise The main theme is that leaders need to lead according to their convictions Mohler devotes a short chapter usually seven pages to each of 25 leadership principles Each bit of advice was fine, but there are two main critiques I would make one, the structure of the book was rather haphazard the chapters didn t flow in logical order it was as if each chapter was written in a vacuum and intended to be read that way and, two, each principle lacked specific examples and applications If Mohler had ordered the chapters in acompelling way and if each chapter had greater de I m usually not a fan of leadership books but this one has a great central message with many helpful applications in different areas You wouldn t have to be the leader of a corporation or a pastor to benefit from Mohler s wise words.

I m not one to read lots of leadership books as it s just not something that I m drawn to I did find this book helpful in many ways Mohler not only talked about what it looks like to be a leader but also had plenty of application to help you get there I found the chapters on reading, writing, time, and social media digital age most helpful.
Also read back in 2013 Still the best book on leadership I have ever read It needs to be revisited every couple of years Here are the things I liked First, it is comprehensive, covering internal things, such as honesty, as well as external things such as managing and dealing with the media There is no topic associated with leadership that he doesn t touch on But it is important to note that while much applies to pastors, it was not written for pastors Second, he frequently encourages men to make sure they are called to leadership Often he will say something like, if you cannot do x then don t lead Third, his chapter on power was great He does not say, Power is bad He states the obvious leadership is about power We are stewards of that power Fourth, the book is clear The chapters are a good length and well organized Sixth, he encourage This was a really fantastic book There were a few chapters which I had slight disagreements with or nitpicky thoughts about, but on the whole this book was well done, principled, and practical I wish I had read it years ago, though I see that it only came out 3 years ago Mohler makes a strong case for convictional leadership, and he is refreshingly forward thinking in many of the ways he sees contemporary application The chapter on management actually hit me the hardest, which should tell you how interesting this book can be Don t be fooled by the simply leadership genre title and appearance This book is important for the care of souls.

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