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[ Pdf The Broken ã cookbooks PDF ] by Tamar Cohen Á Well that was a bust Too bad because it started strong But it just never went anywhere Well, maybe it does eventually, but 100 pages in and it was still just two people fighting over an affair Done.
As soon as I spotted Tamar Cohen s new book on Netgalley, I knew I wanted to read it Tamar is a very popular author, who writes Chick Lit Noir I think that s what they re calling it these days , but her books could also probably land in the psychological thriller category I think I haven t read any of her books though I have her first two novels on my shelf if I ever get the time to go back and read them hopefully so and I decided that starting with her newest novel The Broken The synopsis offers what sounds like a fascinating, tricksy read, so I couldn t wait to dive in Coming off the back of reading Cally Taylor s new novel The Accident, I was perhaps expecting a bit too much for this novel, and I felt very let down.
I was really looking forward to reading The Broken So much It hooked me quite well from the beginning, with with the exception of a strange entry from a girl named Best Friends Tell You Everything About Their Kitchen Renovation About Their Little Girl S Schooling How One Of Them Is Leaving The Other For A Younger ModelBest Friends Don T Tell Lies They Don T Take Up Residence On Your Couch For Weeks They Don T Call Lawyers They Don T Make You Choose SidesBest Friends Don T Keep Secrets About Their Past They Don T Put You In DangerBest Friends Don T Always Stay Best Friends This is Tamar Cohen s first foray into the world of psychological suspense with the story of two couples who became friends since they met when their daughters were newborns They were ideal best friends with Dan Josh watching football together while Hannah and Sasha went to art galleries, book clubs and shopping So with weekends spent socialising all together along with their daughters, September and Lily, life seems perfect until the day that Dan decides that his marriage to Sasha is over and chooses to confide in Josh before telling her From that day on the ripple effect starts working as Hannah and Josh get drawn into taking sides despite stating that they d stay neutral.
I loved Tamara Cohen s debut The Mistresses Revenge because it was realistic and in turn the success of this book is because of that very reason Many of us have witnessed the terrible things ex Firstly, thank you to the publisher and author for the copy via Netgalley Much appreciated.
The Broken is a psychological thriller that had me feeling uncomfortable at the best of times Two couples, supposedly best friends the girls swapping stories, spending much time together drinking, shopping, their own daughters always playing together the boys best drinking buds, confide in each other the way men do Then it all goes horribly wrong One couple separate, the man leaving his wife for a younger woman Not unheard of But what follows is the most awful, gut wrenching, explosive, nerve jangling aftermath that would have most people running for the hills The woman left behind totally falling apart at the seams and this is where it got uncomfortable for me I ve witnessed something not too dissimilar myself and as events unfolded everything was brought glaringly back to life A bit to Publication Date 22nd May 2014 from Doubleday Transworld.
Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy.
Best friends tell you everything about their kitchen renovation about their little girl s schooling How one of them is leaving the other for a younger model.
Best friends don t tell lies They don t take up residence on your couch for weeks They don t call lawyers They don t make you choose sides.
Best friends don t keep secrets about their past They don t put you in danger.
Best friends don t always stay best friends.
Its very hard to put into words how TOTALLY addictive this read was every time I put it down it called to me to come back, to the point that I actually got quite grumpy when I had to do mundane things like making sure I fed the children.
Grumpy Thats how good it was.
Take two married couples best friends spend the majority of A stunning psychological thriller that starts off like an everyday tale of marriage and divorce but gets progressively crazier and sinister as it goes along I loved every page, and kept wanting to read bits out to people Some of the descriptions of parenting were brilliantly funny and Cohen succeeds at really getting into the heads of her female and male characters This is an absolute must read and I will be pressing it on all my friends.

wow I feel like I have been on a emotional roller coaster and ended up facing the wrong way Tammy Cohen has a way of writing books that I adore and her characters are so unlikeable or unstable that I can only hope she has a very vivid imagination and doesn t base them on any one she knows as they are scary I wanted to enjoy this one than I did Honestly, I tried really hard, but I could not bring myself to give it than three stars.
Okay, let me make things clear, I was expecting a bit of a thriller than I was given It is my mistake which left me disappointed Nevertheless, the story was still nowhere near what I expected even when I shifted my perspective to take into account my faulty thinking.
The story follows the breakdown of a marriage and how this impacts upon the people around them Rather than following the two going through the breakup, however, we follow their best friends who are dragged down in the process Life events spiral out of control, with events slowly growing troubling Until the rather anticlimactic ending, that is I admit the twist at the end was interesting, but I knew something was coming as details After reading Dying for Christmas and loving it, I was so pleased when I won a paperback copy of The Broken from the author, via THE book Club last month The Broken is a great psychological thriller about marriage and friendship, and what happens when things start to go wrong One couple are separating, while the other couple feel torn between their two best friends This isn t just a book about four friends disagreeing and arguing This is surprisingly dark and sinister in places.
The characters feel very real and I really did feel I was in amongst all the turmoil This story covers the extremes humans will go to when heartbroken, angry, desperate and paranoid It also covers the impact childhood experiences have on a person as an adult A lot of emotions and experienc

Tamar Cohen is a freelance journalist who lives in London with her partner and three teenage children.