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[Marcus Speh] ç Thank You For Your Sperm [managers PDF] Read Online Ë Ecstatic, formally inventive flash fiction which, unless I m forgetting something, this is the only time I ve read a full book of flash and enjoyed it ever , though there are a few series as well, so no problem with thematic coherency See The Serious Writer , and read about his penis Each piece is generally sculpted well enough it feels like an extremely clear poem covering everything from surrealism to almost SF to general weirdness I can t claim to be knowledgeable about flash but this is pretty easily the best take on it I ve seen which is especially interesting because I m pretty sure Speh who I think is German is pulling a Novakov sort of thing and writing in exquisite English.
Strange and great and funny and beautiful This isn t one I ll recommend to just anyone It s an odd blend of poetry and flash fiction, with overtones of surrealism and absurdism What s , English is the author s second language, which seems to make the prose simpler, angular, and bizarre Each piece here is like a super condensed, weird and compelling dream And like all dreams, the interpretation is left open to the dreamer Some make you think Wow and some Okay, now what A full review will be coming on another site later, but here s a brief introduction of this excellent short fiction collection by Marcus Speh.
Each fiction is a small, yet remarkably full, world sculpted from its characters These are imaginative, real but also fantastical interpretations of the human condition It is great to have them all in one place.
You want to know what this book is It s the collective human memory What do we remember We remember beauty we remember purity we remember loss we remember the absurd, the fantastic, the somber, the uplifting, the unresolved we remember atrocity as well as absolution in the face of it Have you forgotten these things TYFYS is for you Remember these things all too well TYFYS is for you, also I ll tell you what this book is to me it s a treasure chest full of shards of indelible humanity Well, what are you waiting for Marcus Speh has a vital, innovative mind that energetically clears paths through unexplored country and with his machete, he finds ways through even the most resistant undergrowth In Thank You for the Sperm , Speh proves that by putting into words what has never been thought, one makes the unknown tangible and open to examination For instance, when one of his narrators describes how he drifted into thoughts of alien spaceships fighting over the last women on the planet , we know that we are about to enter an unknown world, poetical in part but also genre defying In this exquisite prose collection, Marcus Speh offers the reader a deft and skilful exploration of the actual mechanisms of thought, without any underlying prescriptive or bombastic authorial intentions What we find, on every page, is a ferocious display of imagination As S A Collection Of Short And Very Short Stories, Which Writer John Minichillo Calls Short Brilliant Playful Poetic Blasts A Baby S First Word Is Hitler , The Greek God Mars Donates His Divine Seed To A Fertility Clinic, A Portal Turns Spiders Into Flowers, The Serious Writer Buys An IPad, A Mother Burns, An Autistic Child Listens Marcus Speh, A German Writer Living In Germany, Has A Better Command Of English Than Just About Anyone His Short Pieces Are Sometimes Personal, Often Poignant, And Always Perfect

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