Download Epub Format Æ Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being PDF by Ô Deepak Chopra

Download Epub Format Æ Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being PDF by Ô Deepak Chopra The Authors Of TheNew York Times BestsellerSuper Brainpresent A Bold New Understanding Of Our Genes And How Simple Changes In Lifestyle Can Boost Genetic Activity The Leap Into Radical Well Being Is A Promise Waiting To Be Fulfilled You Are Not Simply The Sum Total Of The Genes You Were Born With, Write Deepak Chopra And Rudy Tanzi You Are The User And Controller Of Your Genes, The Author Of Your Biological Story No Prospect In Self Care Is Exciting Learning How To Shape Your Gene Activity Is At The Heart Of This Exciting And Eagerly Anticipated Book From The Bestselling Duo Behind Super Brain, Which Became A Nationwide Hit As A PBS Special For Decades Medical Science Has Believed That Genes Determined Our Biological Destiny Now The New Genetics Has Changed That Assumption Forever You Will Always Have The Genes You Were Born With, But Genes Are Dynamic, Responding To Everything We Think, Say, And Do Suddenly They Ve Become Our Strongest Allies For Personal Transformation When You Make Lifestyle Choices That Optimize How Your Genes Behave, You Can Reach For A State Of Health And Fulfillment Undreamed Of Even A Decade Ago The Impact On Prevention, Immunity, Diet, Aging, And Chronic Disorders Is Unparalleled I learned so much about myself through reading this book I highly recommend reading prior to any diet.
Super Genes is a self help book The underlying belief system is that evolution is certain and that Vedic and Ayurveda traditions are correct The authors interpreted various studies and experiences in a way that conformed to their belief system This is a natural thing to do, but much of Part 1 and Part 3 was speculative If you don t share their base assumptions, these sections may hold little interest for you.
Part 1 Scientists have gathered a lot of data on epigenetics, but epigenetics is so complex that they re only beginning to understand how it might work Basically, having a breast cancer gene doesn t necessarily mean you will get that disease Factors like nutrition, exercise, and stress can determine whether a gene is switched o

I need only one word to describe Super Genes Here it is FASCINATING Chopra brings a complex subject into better focus The relationship between mind and body is of tremendous interest Now, Dr Chopra focuses on an additional source of influence, the environment internal and external , and how health is influences at the level of our tremendously complex genetic material This tome is focused and scientific yet easy to read and understand It highlights many aspects in our daily lives which can improve our lives and potentially increase longevity.

Deepak Chopra, MD serves as the Founder and Chairman of The Chopra Foundation, and Co Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.As a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind body medicine, Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness Known as a prolific author of eighty books books with twenty two New York Times best sellers in both