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[ Pdf Shameless ☆ the-1700s PDF ] by Pamela Madsen Ô To be honest, reading this was like drinking sweet, cool, clear, drenching water after decades of parched desert I left the book heartily hungry and upset with the kind of grief that Ms Madsen mentions in Chapter 16 The book simply came along at the same time I m walking across my own heaving Tacoma Narrows bridge from a dark life of quiet desperation to some kind of unrecognizable life of vibrant resonance The book comes in two layers first, Ms Madsen s life and second, the deeper themes connecting her to many women and probably men The title reflects both layers The first layer was sweet, but also something with which I have nothing in common I m not a mother of humans and I have no wish to be, I m not a person who even wants to go to I enjoyed this book, I really did Madsen is engaging, personable, and funny She is able to bring her world alive in a way that is tangible you feel as though you re with her as she goes through her journey to embracing herself and her sexuality I m excited that someone as mainstream as she is has written a book about women s sexuality, and how what many probably consider the alt sex world doesn t have to be the exclusive territory of strange, multiple pierced weirdos in leather She has fun.
What I haddifficulty with was her characterization of her experiences She s determined not to have an affair, so she only engages in one way touching her partners can touch her sexually but not the other way around Much of this occurs within the context of Sacred Intimacy, a legitimate form of healing touch therapy, yet it is Very disappointing The writing and story wasn t bad and the intimate details don t offend me but what I was really hoping for wasof an acceptance of body image, not what I perceive as a betrayal of a marriage Why couldn t she just talk to her husband first, before starting out on this journey She might have been able to find great pleasures experimenting WITH her husband, not secretly with other men I feel bad for Gavin why change names don t people who actually know the author know who her family members are I try not to judge and I think I do pretty well MOST of the time, but I just don t see how letting another man touch you like that is NOT a betrayal of your marriage Just because you don t have interco

From the subtitle, I was expecting a book about a woman learning to love herself and celebrate her body, which happened, and I loved that part hence the second star , but this book has some major strikes against it I simply could not get over or forgive the fact that for most of the book, she was going behind her husband s back, paying an assortment of men to give her sexual pleasure, while professing unwavering love and devotion to her husband I lost track of how many times she insisted she wasn t cheating Much like being a racist, the folks who have to keep stating they aren t, are the ones who are Of course, every relationship can define cheating differently, but the definition Ms Madsen was using no affair, no intercourse , wasn t one that she and her husband had agreed to beforehand If that had been their arrangement from the beginning, she wouldn t have been hiding her behavior The sex in this book is very, very hot to me The ethics of paying for erotic services behind one s spouse s back is troubling, in my opinion, and that colored my enjoyment of the rest of the book Which is unfortunate, since the story is otherwise well written and liberating and interesting Also, I feel like the ending was abrupt and the epilogue detailing the author s loss of her blog and then her job because of her company s reaction to her lifestyle held a story I would ve liked to read in further depth.
I m going to be brutally honest, I loved this book.
This book is a memoir of Pamela Madsen, a woman who married her first love and has been in her vanilla marriage for twenty years Her girlfriends are having affairs and exchanging raunchy sex stories all the time, while all poor Pamela can do is listen and boil beneath her own skin.
Shameless is a witty, funny, exciting and eye opening trek into the life of a woman who needed to explore her own sexuality and found a working way to do it without breaking down her own boundaries It s really great to have a book like this at my fingertips, a reminder that everyone is flawed and everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to express their raw sexuality without being told it s taboo or inappropriate Female sexuality is constantly snuffed out by society and Pam reminds us that it isn t fair or honest Women are I wanted to like this book so much because my very fabulous friend recommended it to me The only thing I felt while reading this was disgust The whole book just felt filthy to me and not in a good way.
A Funny, Sexy, And Wildly Entertaining Look At The Rewards Of Fully Realized Desire In The Life Of One Ordinary WomanAtYears Old, Pamela Madsen Was Happily Married To The Man She Fell In Love With AtShe Was The Mother Of Two Sons And Had A Successful Career As A Nationally Known Advocate For Fertility Issues But She Felt A Growing Sexual Restlessness And Yearning That Wouldn T Let Up And Though Pamela Loved Her Husband And Didn T Want To Have An Affair, She Knew Deep Down That She Needed , Much In Shameless, She Tells The Story Of How She Found It And Not Only Kept Her Marriage Intact But Made It Stronger Than EverIn This Fearless Memoir, Pamela Tells The Story Of Her Search For Sexual, Personal, And Spiritual Wholeness She Explores, In Riveting Detail, What She Experienced At The Hands Of Sexual Healers, Men Who Brought Her Untold Pleasure And Became Her Close Friends In The ProcessBut This Is Not Just Another Sex Book Shameless Is Also An Account Of How Pamela S Journey Healed Her Issues With Food And Body Image And Most Important, Helped Her Weave The Many Roles That She Played Daughter, Friend, Partner, Mother Into One Fully Integrated Person It Is A Story About A Woman Falling In Love With Herself And A Call To Other Women To Do The Same This book was a great read I found this book appealing because it gives you the opportunity to feel naughty without being naughty Its intriguing and shines light on those moments of sexual frustration A new life goal is to open a tantric massage parlor.
The best thing I can say about this book is that now I finally know what it would be like if Cathy from the comic strip wrote a BDSM memoir Ack

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