Download Epub Format ¾ Reveal (Wicked Ways, #2) PDF by ¾ K. Bromberg

Download Epub Format ¾ Reveal (Wicked Ways, #2) PDF by ¾ K. Bromberg It s read now on netgalley and I can t wait to start it From New York Times Bestselling Author K Bromberg Comes The Raw, Sexy, And Jaw Dropping Finale To The Wicked Ways Series I Play To Win, And I Won T Let Anything Or Anyone Get In The Way Of What I WantThe First Time I Met Vaughn Sanders, I Knew I Wanted Her Confident, Intelligent, And Downright Sexy I Thought I Knew How To Play Her Game I Was Ready And Willing For The Challenge Little Did I Know She Was Full Of Secrets And Surprises But So Am ICharming A Woman Into My Bed Has Never Been My Problem It S The Relationship Part That Is They Want It I Don T But Can You Blame Me Broken Marriages Are How I Make A Living Hell, No Self Respecting Man Would Let A Woman Own His Thoughts, Invade His Dreams, And Steal His Heart So How In The World Has Vaughn Done That To Me I Ve Fallen In Love With Her There I Said It But That Acknowledgment Comes With A Heavy PriceEverything And Everyone Seem To Be Working Against Us, Leaving Us Both To Question Whether What We Have Is Worth The CostI Ll Be Damned If I Go Down Without A Fight 4.
25Reveal is the conclusion of Vaughn and Ryker s story and I think K Bromberg did a great job with this duet with fantastic writing and a compelling and compelling storyline.
The story begins from where the other book left off and without wanting to go into detail I can only say that it was good to have Ryker s point of view to understand what was going through his mind at that time.
This book hasdrama,mysteries, and events than the first I think while the first book served to show the characters and kick start the story, it was here that the action really happened.
What can I say about the characters Vaughn pissed me off at times in this book, there were times when I wanted to tell her to stop being so stubborn and accept help, even understanding her motives And Ryker, is that character who was a jerk at the beginning So I was mad when the last story ended of a cliff hanger and I had to wait to read the next part That s just me I prefer a cliff hanger story only when all the books have already been released This is a two part series with this one being the second book DO NOT START WITH THIS ONE YOU WILL BE LOST This one starts exactly where the last one stopped.
Duh I don t want to accidently type something that might give something away Just know this one was awesome and a great conclusion to the first book I need to give it some time and then read these two again back to back I highly recommend this series So much deception Secrets, lies, cons, bribes It was like WTF is going on Ryker made a HUGE mistake because for a smart guy, he was dumb AF so you get lots of groveling But, even that takes kind of a back seat to the numerous mysteries going on simultaneously This duet is stunning 4.
5 Stars 4 Steam Fans This is the EPIC conclusion to Vaughn and Ryker s story Their story left us needing answers and K Bromberg did not disappoint with the craziness that continued between the two There are some serious twists that some may claim are transparent but I loved the ride Vaughn was a super strong character and I appreciated that she held on to so much of her independence I didn t like that Ryker was so gullible for some of the things that happened but I did appreciate that he wanted to support Vaughn The suspense level for this conclusion was ramped up to a crazy level and I loved it The sexy parts were sexy and the side characters didn t override the main story between Vaughn and Ryker I really enjoyed this duet This specific video review will be included

Reveal is such an intriguing as well as a riveting story that will send you on a roller coaster of a ride It starts where Resist ended and believe me when I say your heart will beat so fast at what the characters go through I really empathize with Vaughn She is really trying her absolute best for her niece but there are certain people standing in her way I swear Ryker and Vaughn don t deserve anything that they go through and I was so very worried for what the outcome might be Ryker is so incredibly swoonworthy That man I tell you An intense, gripping story that sends you on the ride of your life To find out what happens, 1 click it, you won t be sorry Highly recommended duet Oh, sweet baby Jesus This was everything I wanted and nothing I was expecting Vaughn and Ryker s story picks up where it heartbreakingly broke off in book one Ryker has messed up royally, as in there is no going back after his actions We get his point of view and we understand the why, but you know, sometimes that just doesn t justify a person s actions And Vaughn does not yield to his explanations and pleas for forgiveness If you like groveling, the first forty percent of this book is filled with the angst of this couple trying to deal with his betrayal and how that affects Vaughn, not just emotionally, but in a way that opens the door to danger.
I loved watching Vaughn and Ryker evolve from two individuals with their issues regarding love and happy ever afters, to a place that was real, one where they had to make the emotional ch Ryker and Vaughn UTTERLY CONSUMED my life A sleepless night after the ending of Resist and then I was restless the whole time I read Reveal O M G Their intense story line was an incredible rollercoaster ride of suspense and emotion as well as a combo of heat filled tension and passion from ebb and flows of Ryker and Vaughn s relationship It took me quite some time to come down from the incredible high I got from this book I needed long moments to decompress I mean, for two days straight Vaughn and Ryker were all I could think about Their chemistry was just as intense as it was in RESIST That stubborn streak of Vaughn s never wavered And Ryker s persistence never waned Even when they had secrets and surprises jumping out of every closet to keep them apart They may have weakened for a slight moment in time, but what they shared was

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