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[ Pdf Restored (Shattered, #2) Ð menage PDF ] by Heather D'Agostino ¿ I started this book right after I finished the second book Leah stayed behind while Nick decided he was still going to pursue his dream of being a coach for something other than a high school He s bought a house and made something of himself It s been a year and he still hasn t gotten up the nerve to call Leah and see if he can get her back She is all that he thinks about, even as he goes through endless girls.
Leah has it set in her mind that things are not repairable between her and Nick She s trying really hard to move on She s gone as far as to get back with her old flame, Will Things are going pretty good, but they just aren t right All Leah can think about it Nick And now she s starting to dream about him.
A chance trip puts Le Well we start off with where we left off in the first book Nick is off living his dream come true, coaching for a college football team, living in a beach front house, and making his way through as many women as he can He knows that he shattered Leah by sleeping with Becca and leaving her like she did him so many years ago, but he can t seem to get her off his mind.
Leah is trying to move on with her life After losing her mother to cancer and having Nick walk out on her, she turns to a man, Will, she had a relationship with while training for the Olympics in Atlanta They have a long distant thing going on but it s working for them both Her dreams and thoughts are still invaded with Nick, but she is doing all she can to heal.
Everything seems to be going just fine until Will is offered a job as a scout and his first assignment is at the very college that Nick works at Leah decides to go In this second book, we continue following Nick and Leah We also get to follow Avery s story with Logan and Cam and her decisions a little bit We meet up with Will for the first time We see heartbreak, second chances, or is that third chances, and the start of new lives in this book I thought the little cliff hanger at the end of book one was a hard one, but the cliff hanger at the end of this book trumped that by 10,000% Enjoy the read I certainly did RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS A GIFT FOR A FAIR HONEST REVIEW and REVIEWER FOR Bloggin With M Brennan.
This is a Romance Tragedy book Book two in the The Shattered series, yes it could be read as a stand alone, but the ending leaves off with a cliff hanger I personally need to know what happens next I recommend this book for young adults This story is about forgiveness, letting go, acceptance, and love This books picks up where book one Shattered left off, a definite reason to read the whole series This is a wonderful book, I enjoyed the story line, and it goes to show you can forgive but sometimes forgetting is the hardest part I really understood Leah s problem with forgiving Nick, was this really payback to her, yes she had done the same thing chose a future for herself to Nick in the beginning but two wrongs don t make a right Nick made some stupid mistakes and I don t know if I could have handle it as well as Leah I can not wait to read what comes next The I received this book by the Author for an honest review So I finished Shattered and immediately started Restored I could not wait to find out what happened to these two They are like magnets put the wrong ends together and they do everything to repel and run from each other but turn them around and bam stuck together and hard to pull apart Leah is heartbroken and trying to move on after Nick left and changed his numbers leaving no way to contact him Nick is trying to move on with his new job and life still not understanding why Leah didn t follow or see why he did what he did Leah tries to move on and is seeing her ex, Will, again When he asks her to go with him to UNC Wilmington, the same town that Nick was in, for the weekend she is hesitant but ultimately goes When Leah and Nick do run into each other they cannot resi

Restored Shattered 2 by Heather D AgostinoI received a complimentary ARC in exchange for an honest review Do not read if you haven t read the first book in the series When we last left Nick and Leah, Leah was heartbroken that Nick had made a major life decision without discussing it with her Leah was upset and Nick made a poor decision as a result of Leah s anger, a decision that was impossible for Leah to forget and Nick left town without Leah Months went by and neither Leah nor Nick had any contact, but they were never far from each other s minds In a trip of fate Leah travels to Nick s new city and runs into him Will they be able to save what was lost I am so thrilled to be able to continue this series There are several book series that I have really connected with, and several I wish I could forget this series is a sweet story that I just finished Restored and I really liked it You could read this as a stand alone but this is apart of a series so I would read in order so you have an idea of what is going on Shattered is the first and if you have read it then you know that Nick and Leah are not together To summarize the ending, Leah finds out that Nick accepts his dream job without consulting her, she is beyond upset She tries to go back and follow Nick but she finds out that he cheated on her He leaves without saying goodbye she is even upset A year later she is with Will old boyfriend She loves him but she is not in love with him She still loves Nick A chance meeting brings all those feelings back She must make a decision Does she stay with Will who is safe and has never cheated on her or does she choose Nick who made mistake but maybe they check out this review and others at www.
com twinsietalk twinsietalk I received this book from the author for an honest review.
OMG She kicked me when I was down AGAIN SERIOUSLY I am in love with this series becaus eI am a glutton for heartbreak, drama and stress Book one left of the series left me a MESS I mean Leah and Nick are destined to be together but damn Nick and his penisgrowl.
and damn Leah and her stubborn ass So book 2 begins with Leah in love with anothersay it aint so I mean Nicky is her one true love Well fate has a way of making sure these two lovers find their ways together again When they FINALLY admit their love, I was thanking GOD because I couldnt take another emotional roller coaster of a break up The two are finally in a great place and Is it just me or are they both annoying assholes If The Person You Loved Betrayed You, Could You Forgive Them When Leah Refused To Leave With Him, Nick Did The Unthinkable He Ran Into The Arms Of Another Woman Hurt And Confused, Leah Turned To An Old Flame Will Davis, A Scout Who She D Met In AtlantaWhen Will Asks Leah To Come To Wilmington With Him On A Scouting Trip, She Reluctantly Agrees After All She Never Thought She D See Nick AgainNick, Now A Successful Football Coach For The University Of Wilmington, Lives In A Beautiful Beach Front Property He Spends His Mornings Running On The Beach, And His Afternoons At Football Practice He Never Expected To See The One Girl He Couldn T Forget Here In His TownCan A Shattered Relationship Ever Be Restored

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