[Ann Christopher] ☆ Redemptions Kiss (Secrets and Lies, #4) [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] Read Online ï aqqa.pro

[Ann Christopher] ☆ Redemptions Kiss (Secrets and Lies, #4) [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] Read Online ï Rating 3.
75 stars Yeah, I can t do this I don t want these things in my Former Cheater Redeemed book 1 No other man can make her cum FEEL like this 2 Dude fucked around on her repeatedly but HE S SO HAWT3 Friends say they re in your corner but can t stop talking about how he s so HAWT4 Groveling sounds a lot like bullying5 Whoops, turns out she s the reason he cheated cuz she SHUT HIM OUT IT S ALL HER FAULT PLOT TWIST6 She s celibate while he plows his way through the entire female populationI will haveof dudes crying though Can t ever get enough of that Off to read every other Christopher book I can get my hands on After Jillian Warner S Much Publicized Divorce From Her Ex Governor Husband, Beau Taylor, All She Wants Is A Quiet Life Out Of The Political Spotlight And Quiet It Is The Heiress And Single Mom Runs A Quaint B And B In Atlanta But Beau Is Back, Vowing To Win Her Heart With Desire Reigniting, Jillian S Confused Than Ever Her Seductive Ex Betrayed Her Once How Can She Ever Trust Him Again A Near Fatal Accident Has Changed Beau In Ways He Never Imagined Now His Number One Priority Is Becoming The Devoted Husband And Father He Knows He Always Should Have Been He S Determined To Atone For The Sins Of The Past And Build A New Future With The Woman He S Never Stopped Loving Beau Wants Jillian And This Time He S Doing It Right i was tempted to read this book bcoz of many reviewers gave this a 3 to 4 even 5 stars rating for it s story but meh it s a 1 star from me many cheating based on problem from a novel made me left unsatisfied after reading it for it s shallowness, a problem that too easy to be over looked and always had sexual tension i still cant get him out of my sexual desire s sytem as it s answer to reconsiled no matter how the SOB treated her and i hate that i repeat, I FREAKING HATE THAT this book was no exception which made me think, this is no different from reading a usual cheap HQ in a la la la land let s get our HEA things stories.
i thought i can read this book as a stand alone, but it s not so i need to scanned book 3 to know a little traced story about jill n beau so, jill n beau had problem in their marriage due to jill shut beau Arising from the ashes.
Jillian and Beau were so cute A turbulent start, infidelity and divorce but thank God for second chances I loved their story and little Allegra was so cute I really enjoyed this novel Second chance , oh the ways of forgivenessJillian and Beau, had a hard road to climb It was be necessary after what seems to be one of the most fatal blows a relationship could take infidelity Left to reconcile what seems to be one of the worst things imaginable, Beau begins to do the work to heal and correct pass wrongs.
Jillian having to reconcile her emotions had to deal with loss to reconcile that it was a true part of her feelings of abandonment and unforgiveness.
What we learn is communication is necessary For all relationships.
Good storyI was hating Beau and mad at you for trying to get them back together Jill didn t need to go back to this disrespectful coward of a man who had broken her heart But then you did it again you took me on the journey to redemption with your plot twists Good work

Redemptions KissI loved the ending to this story It truly was amazing watching this family show a love that we all wished we could have in a lifetime.
I COULDN T STOP READING I fell asleep with this book in my hand, woke up the next morning and continued reading because I had to see how it ended I didn t want to like Beau Taylor, but somehow Ann Christopher turned the tables on me and made me actually warm up to this sleaze bag SOB who d hurt and publicly humiliated his wife Man, I felt so sorry for Jillian Can you imagine having panic attacks because of what someone did to you This was a hard book to get through, but like a rubbernecker gawking at a roadside accident, I couldn t stop I don t like heroes crying in my romance novels, and definitely not if he s an alpha male But Beau cried, a number of times, and somehowit worked Maybe that was part of what made me tolerate him, because he showed some remorse, some humanity, because deep down the bastard really loved his wife despite his actions I was skeptical that the author could pull this off, but she actually had me rooting for Beau The story was gripping and heart wrenching I couldn t put it down

A recovering lawyer, Ann Christopher was first published in 2006 and is the author of 18 contemporary romance novels, 5 novellas and a tragically bad starter novel that will forever remain under her bed, where it belongs She s also written a young adult novel that will be available very soon When she s not writing or communing with her readers on her Facebook page, AuthorAnnChristopher, Ann like