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[Mark Lawrence] ó One Word Kill [world-of-warcraft PDF] Read Online Ô In January , Fifteen Year Old Boy Genius Nick Hayes Discovers He S Dying And It Isn T Even The Strangest Thing To Happen To Him That WeekNick And His Dungeons Dragons Playing Friends Are Used To Living In Their Imaginations But When A New Girl, Mia, Joins The Group And Reality Becomes Weirder Than The Fantasy World They Visit In Their Weekly Games, None Of Them Are Prepared For What Comes Next A Strange Yet Curiously Familiar Man Is Following Nick, With Abilities That Just Shouldn T Exist And This Man Bears A Cryptic Message Mia S In Grave Danger, Though She Doesn T Know It Yet She Needs Nick S Help NowHe Finds Himself In A Race Against Time To Unravel An Impossible Mystery And Save The Girl And All That Stands In His Way Is A Probably Terminal Disease, A Knife Wielding Maniac And The Laws Of PhysicsChallenge Accepted I snagged this book so fast when it was on the Kindle First list I mean the wonderful Mark Lawrence was kind enough to offer me a chance to read it awhile back but I don t do pdf or mobi downloads Anyhoo I loved this book and it s set in the freaking 80 s I mean, I was born in the 70 s but the 80 s and 90 s rocked Well, mostlyI don t usually like time travel books but there are a few that I love and this is one of them Demus explained that when you come back through time you come back just as James Cameron predicted in Terminator Buck naked One Word Kill is about a bunch of cool friends that sit around playing D D I never had those kind of cool friends to play that with SighMoving onOne of the characters has cancer and it did make me cringe a bit as I still have some PTSD from my own cancer treatment But I digress There is someone that comes When you are SAD go to the booksTORE and purchase this BOOK which is a fast and fun read about time travel, quantum mechanics, Dungeons Dragons and planning a heist with your best friends because a sketchy and secretive man from the future essentially told you soFull disclosure though the ending is a heartbreaker.
4 5 Full review on my Blog The Dacian She WolfI would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to receive this ARC in exchange of an honest review All you need to know about this book is that if you re not a quantum mechanics genius or at least decent in maths or physics or at least a spaceship engineer like meself I am absolutely joking, of course, I struggle with addition on a daily basis, don t take me seriously this book is going to make you feel dumb on a superior level I felt highly dumb reading through this book, but I approve of my dumbness because the book enlightened me in a very small portion because I am hopeless Nerdiness is a great word to describe the structure of the book Some maths enthusiast teenagers gather to talk about time travel and play Dungeons a I received an uncorrected proof copy of One Word Kill in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank Mark Lawrence and 47North for approaching me to read this early Starting on the 8th January 1986, Nick a gangly 15 year old who is extremely intelligent is diagnosed with leukaemia The doctors advise that he may only have up to 5 years to live In the local hospital, he goes through Chemotherapy and shares a children s ward with many other suffering youths as they weaken and essentially fade from health and normality He has to visit the hospital weekly yet when he is not there he is living the life of a normalish geeky teenager Going to school, dealing with bullies, scared to talk to girls but what he looks forward to the most is the weekly DD meet ups he ha Happy birthday and welcome to the ruthless world, little book One Word Kill is now out there on shelves Or on tables getting used as a coaster for the overflowing coffee mugsthough I prefer hot dark chocolate Just a friendly advice Don t use it to kill flies, it s a little small, tiny, and short for that You might find the flies are suddenly invincible 999 STARS I count it a shortcoming of Goodreads that there aren t enough stars availableWe might live in a multiverse of infinite wonder, but we are what we are, and can only care about what falls into our own orbitThe paradox of this book hooked me so bad I spent a great deal of time just staring at a blank page thinking, where to start fromThere are so many platinum points 3.
75 stars for this mix of 1980 s Dungeons and Dragons with a British teenage cast cancer time travel multi universe aspect Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature in a different, collaborative form, with a couple of my co reviewers at FanLit.
Nick, the 15 year old narrator of the story and a math genius, who s a wizard named Nicodemus in his DD games, finds out that he has leukaemia right at the start of the story His group of DD playing friends sticks behind him, including the girl, Mia, who recently joined the group She s probably too cool for the nerdy Nick, but he s still interested in her Nick also has a couple of pretty scary enemies from his school the bully Michael Devis and the evenvicious Ian Rust.
One day, while Devis is picking on Nick, an older, balding man named Demus hmmm appears out of nowhere to slug Back to the 80sA great book that hit all the right cords It is heart wrenching in places and nostalgia in others with likeable characters that I could not help cheer for.
The book starts with the world s worst gut punch possible The story is great mixture of emotions and scifi The nostalgia of the story for me is the era the book is set in, 1985 as well as the places and landmarks It is a great reminder of how far we have come technologically since then How life was before the internet and mobile phones.
I was not sure I would like this book as youngers with terminal disease is usually a turn off for me Though the story of the human coping mechanism and a little help from friends, the bonds formed, and possible the likeliest band of heroes since the Goonies This is a great read and a trip down memory lane for any one growing in the 80s Lo I ve giving One Word Kill by Mark Lawrence six stars Oh You think I can t do that Well, yes, I can Even if you don t see them up there Because while a five start book is a good solid read, one that I truly enjoy, there are some books and stories that arethan that They are the stories that stay with you for a lifetime.
My six star stories are likely different from yours A story gets six stars when it doesn t waste a word It opens the door, I enter the tale, and for that time, I m in that world It s a story that works perfectly for me Other examples of my six star stories would be Smith of Wooton Major by J R R Tolkien Or the Ugly Little Boy by Isaac Asimov These stories have nothing in common, except that they worked perfectly for me.
Anyone who has I absolutely loved this book A fantastic sci fi reminding me of Stranger Things and the time bending concepts of the Terminator I was a teenager through the 1980 s and I loved the sense of nostalgia Mark s story evoked It s a rollercoaster of adventure, wrapped up in nuanced characters and a tight, twisty plot This is a book that gripped me and didn t let go until the last page It s everything that I look for in a book, and like the best of reads one that has stayed with long after I finished it Highly recommended.

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