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¿ One Dark Throne ã Download by Ä Kendare Blake I have no idea why but I seriously love this world and its characters I gave the first book 3 stars because it was pretty good but kind of slow This second book I could not put down I loved it I see a lot of mixed reviews on it and that s ok because I can see why some might struggle with it However, I was truly entertained and look forward to the third book next year Once, I was a mouse, she says and strips off her glove She reaches into the cage to stroke the rodent s tiny bald haunches But I am not anySince this worked out so well last time After the bloody events of the Quickening last book, one would be forgiven for expecting, nay, anticipating murder, mayhem, and violent mind games this round One would expect the queens to focus tunnel vision like on the prospect of winning and continued existence.
RightNot as beautiful as that Nicolas bends and kisses the back of her gloved hand Not as beautiful as you Katharine blushes and nods downfield toward the targetsKatharine, my reborn poisoner, my best hope for some slaughter, has reverted back to a blushing milkmaid in the presence of a new hot suitor You d think she d show some suspicion or caution towards handsome, unusually nice strangers after 5 5 Stars This book BLEW ME AWAY I don t think I have ever loved a sequel so much.
I feel so satisfied with this novel It was everything I could have wanted from the Three Dark Crowns when I first started It is action packed, intense, and very complex The strain on character relationships deepen, political tensions continue to rise, and it is full of enticing events that hooked me the entire time The pacing was much better than book one in my opinion and I feel the increase in significant events and a stronger storyline were big assets to this novel My engagement with the second installment of this series is miles stronger than that of book one, and I couldn t be happier with the shift in my personal reading experience.
Due to the character development of all the queens, it s interesting how I can t ful For hours, from beginning to end, this book was all consuming So far none of my most anticipated sequels have let me down, glad this book kept up that trend We reunite with the sisters sometime after the events of Beltane And as expected none of the sisters are quite the same Mirabella who is out for revenge, Arisone who has now discovered her deadly gift and Katharine who is essentially back from the dead, and as usual, nothing is as it seems My sister rankings Katharine Arsinoe Mirabella I know, I know, it s crazy that after all my Katharine cheerleading I have actually come to like Arsinoe quite a bit And while Mirabella is still my least favorite, I don t detest her as I did before Crazy right The Sister as GIFsKatharine Arsione Mirabellawhen she starts finally starts to realize the truth Relationships Billy Arsione From strangers to friends, to l I really love this series

okayyyy it pains me, but i will admit this is marginally better than the first book but, oh, i would have paid money for this to include joseph vs the bear, part II i still think hes a massive weenie but honestly, im not a fan of how blake portrays men in this, any of them, like at all something about it is rubbing me the wrong way 2.
5 stars Actual rating 4.
2 Story The story was good It wasn t a slow story any, there was always something happening, but I finished the book and kind of forgot everything except Billy, duh And I thought there would beof a cliff hanger Characters Let s describe the characters in the second book Jules is a cool badass, Arsinoe finally knows that she s a precious strong queen, Katherine is a crazy head but remember her ending in the first book, no surprise at all , Mirabella was forced in the background and kind of lame and Katherine is crazy Did I mention this already Oops Aaaaaaaaand Billy is a loyal, kindhearted and gorgeous guy Love him World Who wants to kill all her sisters to become queen It sI don t want to spoiler you, but she s crazy Relationships Joseph finally decides who he loves Hooray , Pietyr has wei 30 Sep 17 My other reviews for Three Dark Crowns Two Dark ReignsThis book was all over the place, and I say this with great sadness I wanted to like thisthan Three Dark Crowns unfortunately it was the other way around And I didn t even find TDC particularly great.
There will be some spoilers here theserious spoilers are marked, but still some unmarked ones as well, so be warned.
I say all over the place mostly in terms of internal consistency The characters say one thing yet do another The world politics consist of certain rules yet have no strong consequences when they are broken Even the narrative voice flip flops between close third person often shifting into secondary characters POV when it is convenient for the author not to get into the heads of the actual mai Full Revew Update Spoiler free Easy 5 stars Good grief What even happened What did I just read I went into this book not knowing to expect The first book was certainly unpredictable, and this one even less so But holy crap guys, what a ride this was Prepare for a rollercoaster Going back, I loved the first book BUT It took me til about half way to get into it There were just so many characters and my brain got lost frequently But once everything with Joseph hit though, I got sucked in to that river of feels Let me urge you, if you DNF ed the first because you had a hard time getting into it, go back and finish I promise you, it s worth it SO worth it And the end of book one Holy wow.
So that brings me to this one.
You guys, you are not prepared It takes off running and doesn t slow down I m not trying to hype this up or anything, but it was damn fun and The Battle For The Crown Has Begun, But Which Of The Three Sisters Will Prevail With The Unforgettable Events Of The Quickening Behind Them And The Ascension Year Underway, All Bets Are Off Katharine, Once The Weak And Feeble Sister, Is Stronger Than Ever Before Arsinoe, After Discovering The Truth About Her Powers, Must Figure Out How To Make Her Secret Talent Work In Her Favor Without Anyone Finding Out And Mirabella, Once Thought To Be The Strongest Sister Of All And The Certain Queen Crowned, Faces Attacks Like Never Before Ones That Put Those Around Her In Danger She Can T Seem To PreventIn This Enthralling Sequel To Kendare Blake S New York Times Bestselling Three Dark Crowns, Fennbirn S Deadliest Queens Must Face The One Thing Standing In Their Way Of The Crown Each Other

So, I write books The Anna Dressed in Blood duo is horror, The Goddess War trilogy is mythology, and Sleepwalk Society is contemporary, because the world don t move to the beat of just one drum What might be right for you, may not be right for some Love to read, too Fiction, philosophy, good books, bad books, because you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have a st