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ã Read ã Must Like Kids by Jackie Braun à Children Have A Place And It S Anywhere I M Not It Was One Off The Cuff Remark But When It Goes Viral, Alec McAvoy Is Labeled The Playboy CEO Of Best For Baby, Who Hates Kids Enter Julia Stillwell, Image Consultant Extraordinaire The Widowed Mom Of Two Has A Knack For Changing Public Opinion, And She Ll Teach Alec All He Needs To Know But Once They Start This Makeover, They Don T Want To Stop And That S When One Little Kiss Leads To Many, Many Others So Now Julia S Worked Her Magic, But Is Alec S Transformation Only Skin Deep Or Can This Hunky Executive Convince Her That He Is Ready To Become A Family Man So Long As It S With Julia This book was pretty good, but it being a Harlequin KISS book brought it down a few notches Harlequin KISS books are known to be very clean No sex, no foreplay, and in this case, that was bad In one instance they were kissing the next it was a month later your thinking did they do it And a few pages later, he mentions it in an offhanded way Well, HOW WAS IT They obsess over kissing each other, but not one peep about the sex Huh The lack of romance in this book was it s downfall And the cover, he looks nothing like that On the cover he looks a guy who works for a fashion magazine And the lack of descriptions put me a littleoff kilter I have no idea what she looks like The only adjective I got was stunning and gorgeous Nor do I kn Another Mills and Boons type rom com that sure will keep you occupied and help bring a smile to your face.
4 Stars Newly hired as CEO for a large infant product company, Best for Baby, Alec made a remark to a journalist that s sent his career and the company stock spiraling Now every mother who buys Best for Baby products thinks the CEO hates kids It s not that Alec hates kids, they just make him uncomfortable after all he s a product of boarding schools and nannies With the Board of Directors anxious to do damage control, Alec is given no choice but to cooperate with the image consultant they ve hired Julia s worked hard to make her image consultancy firm a success and the Best for Baby account means a lot to her Alec may be powerful in the business world but in Julia s world he s a client who blundered big time and she s the one to clean up the mess Researching his profile online, Julia expects some resistance to her PR campaign What she hadn t expected was I liked Alec and Julia s story Alec runs a baby department store and made an off the cuff remark about not likening children His board hires image consultant Julia to improve is image or he is out Julia single mother of two is trying to balance work and her kids but at times it s difficult Alec is brought around her kids and it starts to improve his image but they both start to fall for the other I loved the ending.
An enjoyable story The hero is CEO of a Big Baby Products company who steps into a firestorm when he tells a reporter he isn t all that wild about children His company hires the heroine, an image consultant and single mother, to head up the damage control campaign Liked that the author showed a single mother heroine juggling a demanding job and motherhood Liked that the hero had baggage and, while uncomfortable around children, wasn t a jerk face A solid read.
Rating 2I was expecting so muchfor this book and was a little let down It was an ok book but I really wished that the heroine and hero would have hadscenes with the heroine s kids I realize that the heroine didn t want to intermingle the hero with her kids and all that, but I really wished she would have.
Really pretty sad, it was such a blah read that I made myself finish but there was no sparkle what so ever in their relationship.
The characters are likeable enough, and while the romance seemed to be based onthan heated attraction, elements were lacking The biggest problems for me were first, the ending seemed cut short, and the second isdifficult It slike I can t exactly describe what exactly was missing Because I can t define it the whole story became tainted by the vague sense that a few somethings are missing and it grates in the back of the mind because you just don t know what it is.
5This book annoyed the living hell out of me.
Oh, to hell with it This is a total five star DHow I wish it wasn t over pout I wanted it to last longer I stayed up until 4am last night reading it And when I woke up today the first thing I did after making coffee was read what I had left Study What s that word This was better Ah I loved this book Even though I wish the ending had lasted longer It was pure perfection Yay

After graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in journalism, Jackie Braun worked at newspapers for nearly 17 years, 11 of those years as an award winning editorial writer for The Flint Journal in Michigan, where she was also the first female editorial writer in the newspaper s history.She sold her first book to Silhouette Romance in late 1999 and started writing under the Harlequ