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Download Epub Format á Ensimmäinen murhani PDF by ó Leena Lehtolainen Leena Lehtolainen s My First Murder is the first novel in a series featuring Finnish police detective Maria Kallio She finds herself having to investigate the death of someone she knew, a member of a student choir who is found drowned with a dent made by a blunt object in his head At first, I found myself a little bored, as Kallio interrogates the members of the choir Eventually, a breakthrough is achieved, and the novel speeds up to the extent that Kallio finds herself unable to rest or do her laundry or anything else.
It turns out that the drowning victim was into a variety of crimes, and what looked at first like a possible accidental death turns into either a murder by an accomplice Not a bad first attempt I may check out her other novels.
Apr S Avoir Pass Quelques Ann Es Dans La Police Nationale, Maria Kallio Quitte Son Poste Pour Se Sp Cialiser Dans Le Droit P Nal Alors Qu Elle Est Tudiante Depuis Cinq Ans, Maria, En Manque D Action, Accepte Un Remplacement Dans La Police Judiciaire Et Enqu Te D S Son Arriv E, Sur Le Meurtre D Un Tudiant Populaire I thought it was a good book for her first one I actually liked it even though it s written in the first person I could see how she put herself into every setting, her remarks came out of nowhere and added to the humor of the book She has 4 or 5 books that aren t translated and I suppose they ll come out soon.
I really enjoyed this probably for the reasons some people didn t It s different The tone is casual, things don t work perfectly without it being a story arc of anti hero corruption , and the hero is ambivalent about her job That s a refreshing change from the detective lifer It s not a brilliant mystery, but it s entertaining candy.
The first book of the hugely popular Maria Kallio series begins with great promise including the neat vocal choral song within Virta venhett vie Set in 90 s Helsinki with institutional sexism, greater prevalence of alcoholism, rising gangs, Maria sets out to solve a murder with multiple suspects, as in traditional whodunits Despite all this, it was middlingly good, with weak characterisation, nonsensical plot progression, deus ex machina insights of Maria and rather too much of self conversations which ruined the book for me Yet as it s set in my hometown seeing familiar names is rather a delight , I would seek out other volumes in the series in the hopes Leena s writing improves My rating 2.
5 5 Finland rape laws are appalling.

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net First Line Riki woke up to a vicious call of nature It was supposed to be a fun weekend for the choir group at Tommi Peltonen s seaside Helsinki villa Instead Tommi is found floating facedown in the water off the dock, a victim of what is soon determined to be murder It is up to rookie detective Maria Kallio to focus on the choir members in an attempt to solve her very first murder case It doesn t take long for her to realize that what on the surface appears to be a happy and close knit group is really a collection of young people filled with bitterness, passion and jealousy It will take a lot of digging for her to find the killer.
As much as I wanted to like this book, I simply could not Too many things just did not add up First, a rookie cop is put in charge of the murder investigation into the death of the son of a high profile family Yes, all her superiors are on some s , lifestyle .

Leena Katriina Lehtolainen is a Finnish crime novelist, best known for her series of novels about the policewoman Maria Kallio.Lehtolainen was born in Vesanto, Northern Savonia Her first novel was released when she was only 12 years old She studied literature in Helsinki until 1995 and wrote crime novels from 1993 on Since about 2007 she has written other genres of books Her works have been tr