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☆ Midnight Never Come ½ Download by ↠´ Marie Brennan Midnight Never Come is a tale of twos Two Courts Mortal Faerie Two Queens Elizabeth I of England Invidiana of the Onyx Court Two Bindings A Curse A Pact Two Identities the faerie Lady Lune her mortal glamour Anne Montrose Invidiana Suspiria The moral court is the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England At the start of the story Elizabeth is her prime as monarch Her kingdom is secure thanks to the defeat of the Spanish Armada, but she is plagued by the recent execution of her cousin Queen Mary of Scotland She feels managed by another and dislikes it The faerie court is ruled by the tyrannical Queen Invidiana Her court is attended by the Lady Lune, who is recently fallen out of Invidiana s favor Lune negotiated a pact with the sea folk to assist 3.
5 stars I really wanted to adore this one, because it combines two of my all time favourite things faeries and Tudors And while I did like it, I didn t love it quite as much as I was hoping to, which is kind of disappointing, because there needs to be fantasy tudor books JustI need them But this was quite different from what I had thought it might be like, and although I did think it had a stunning premise, I found it a little hard to connect with the story I wanted to fall in love with characters and rave about this book, and I tried so hard to do that, but it just wasn t happening T H O U G H T S This is a very beautiful book I say that meaning the literal aesthetic The cover is super pretty, and the idea just appeals to me so much Faeries and Tudors This book sounds like i England Flourishes Under The Hand Of Its Virgin Queen Elizabeth, Gloriana, Last And Most Powerful Of The Tudor MonarchsBut A Great Light Casts A Great ShadowIn Hidden Catacombs Beneath London, A Second Queen Holds Court Invidiana, Ruler Of Faerie England, And A Dark Mirror To The Glory Above In The Thirty Years Since Elizabeth Ascended Her Throne, Fae And Mortal Politics Have Become Inextricably Entwined, In Secret Alliances And Ruthless Betrayals Whose Existence Is Suspected Only By A FewTwo Courtiers, Both Struggling For Royal Favor, Are About To Uncover The Secrets That Lie Behind These Two Thrones When The Faerie Lady Lune Is Sent To Monitor And Manipulate Elizabeth S Spymaster, Walsingham, Her Path Crosses That Of Michael Deven, A Mortal Gentleman And Agent Of Walsingham S His Discovery Of The Hidden Player In English Politics Will Test Lune S Loyalty And Deven S Courage Alike Will She Betray Her Queen For The Sake Of A World That Is Not Hers And Can He Survive In The Alien And Machiavellian World Of The Fae For Only Together Will They Be Able To Find The Source Of Invidiana S Power Find It, And Break It A Breathtaking Novel Of Intrigue And Betrayal Set In Elizabethan England Midnight Never Come Seamlessly Weaves Together History And The Fantastic To Dazzling Effect This is an elegantly written historical fantasy about two queens and two courts, the mortal one of Elizabeth I, and the fae, known as the Onyx Court, of Invidiana The two courts are linked both by physical proximity the Onyx Court is beneath the city of London and by an arrangement between the two monarchs when Invidiana raises the young Elizabeth to the throne There are fae spies at the mortal court, and mortal pets at the faerie court, but how the two courts are otherwise linked takes awhile to unfold The novel concerns the adventures of Michael Deven, one of Elizabeth s pensioners, and the Lady Lune, one of Invidiana s spies The first part of the book is devoted to these characters struggle for upward mobility and Lune in particular to make up for a botched deal she made with the people of the sea At the beginning, the book is merely interesting full of court intrigue and rich wit In 1588, England flourishes under the rein of Queen Elizabeth, but deep in the hidden catacombs beneath London, a second queen reins Invidiana, the cruel, cold hearted ruler of faerie England Above ground, Deven enters Elizabeth s court while below ground, Lune is cast from Invidiana s court, and when the two are drawn together they must discover the secret bond that joins the two monarchs and break it Midnight Never Come is a historical fantasy which takes full advantage of both parts, spinning out a vivid story of faerie magic which is intimately bound by English politics Intelligent, skillfully written, but a bit tied up in research, this is a solidly good book that never quite manages to be exceptional I recommend it.
Brennan has done a remarkable job researching and conceptualizing her England, where human and faerie courts mirror each other but thorough research i Un peu long se mettre en route mais quand comme moi, on aime les intrigues de cour, les complots politiques et religieux, on se r gale Bien meilleur que Lady Trent dans le sens o le personnage principal n appara t pas comme un copi coll de Peabody avec des dragons mais sans Emerson.
MIDNIGHT NEVER COMESet during the reign of Elizabeth I, Midnight Never Come tells of two Englands one a realm of mortals ruled by Elizabeth, and one a realm of fairies, ruled by the heartless and exceedingly ruthless Invidiana The two realms and the two rulers are linked by a pact which brought both queens to their thrones But while Elizabeth has no interest in interfering with Invidiana and her subjects, the fairy queen s agenda leads her to both help and hinder Elizabeth She has spies in the mortal court, and has manipulated events in such a way that Elizabeth has sometimes had no choice but to act as Invidiana chooses, not as she would choose herself.
Because much of the plot hinges on politics and espionage we see little of the pageantry and color of Elizabeth s court, but we do get to see its darker corners, and meet some of hi With her latest book, Brennan has moved from traditional sword sorcery to intricate historical fantasy Anyone wanting or expecting of the same might be disappointed I was not Set in the late 16th century, Midnight Never Comes opens with a pact between two women who will soon become the most powerful rulers in England Elizabeth the Virgin Queen, and Invidiana, faerie ruler of the Onyx Court below London The Onyx Court is a dark shadow of the city above, a secret place of cruelty and deception One member of Invidiana s court, a faerie named Lune, struggles to regain the favor of her queen by spying on events above Lune s counterpart is the human courtier Michael Deven, who has been tasked by spymaster Francis Walsingham with finding the hidden player influencing Queen Elizabeth As Lune and Deven discover the secrets behind Invidiana s power and the

I actually picked this up before I ever got into the Lady Trent books, which I have loved so much, but I bought it again when Titan reissued it with a pretty new cover Fired up with enthusiasm for Brennan s work and knowing there s a wait until the next Lady Trent book, I finally decided to read it I was a bit daunted by the length, but in the end that felt perfect just the right amount to dig into The faerie court is interesting, and I enjoy the fact that Brennan kept it period and geography appropriate in terms of which sorts of fae were present Genre wise, it feels like historical fiction than fantasy, in the sense that I think the pacing and politicking belongs to a historical novel, and the fantasy is situated within that historical context rather than the other w Beneath Elizabethan London, there is a hidden city, where the faerie queen Invidiana holds court The deal she made with Queen Elizabeth long ago draws mortal Michael Deven and fae Lady Lune, each seeking to gain knowledge and power, into a deadly web of political intrigue which tangles their fates and the fates of their courts together I liked Brennan s previous two books Doppelganger and Warrior and Witch, recently reissued as Warrior and Witch a lot and have been looking forward to this one for a while it doesn t disappoint Instead of using the Seelie vs Unseelie Courts situation which is perhaps overly common in faerie related fiction, Brennan has created a beautifully English feeling fae court with allusions to counte

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