Lured by the Rich Rancher ✓ Download by È Kathie DeNosky

 Lured by the Rich Rancher ✓ Download by È Kathie DeNosky This was my favorite story in the series yet I really like Chance and was drawn to him Fee is special But once again a parent s actions causes their child to have a skewed fear of love or lack of it Once again miscommunication by not hearing the whole message almost destroyed the happiness of Fee and Chance.
Much mystery still waits for the Lassiters.
The emotional dilemmas that the characters face seem real and legitimate This installment in the Dynasties The Lassiters series is definitely for fans of gentlemanly cowboy heroes who know what they want and are not afraid to go after it RT Book Reviews 4 stars Miniseries Dynasties The Lassiters Very good book Chance saw Fee at his sister s wedding and was immediately attracted to her Fee noticed him also, and not just as a gorgeous man who appeals to the woman in her As a PR expert, she thinks he d be perfect as the new face of the Lassiters, someone who can get people remembering that they re a family oriented business The problem is that Chance has no interest in being in the public eye.
Fee wants the opportunity to convince him, and Chance just wants to get to know her better, so he invites her to come stay on the ranch with him Chance figures he can show her that he s a working cowboy, not someone suited for the limelight and Fee is equally convinced she can convince him that it s not as bad as he thinks.
Fee and Chance are about as different from each other as they could get Fee is all city girl, used to bright lights, fancy clothes and sports cars Cha This is my first read by Kathie DeNosky and it will not e my last In Lured by the Rich Rancher we read out Chance Lassiter and Felicity, Fee, Sinclair They first meet at his half sisters wedding Fee is looking to do a documentary on the Lassiter s.
Both have issues from their past that shape how they behave today Chance s father cheated one time on his mom Fee s mother gave up her career for her husband only to have him leave They think they can have a Summer fling but emotions on both sides get in the way.
Great read 5 out of 5 stars.
Another great DeNosky book I loved this story.
Complete review to come shortly.
D2312 Jul14 Dynasties the Lassiters 4 Chance Lassiter and Felicity Sinclair, she wants him to be the spokesman for Lassiter Media The business has had some bad publicity due to how J.
D Lassiter bequeathed his business to his heirs The fallout has a corporate raider out to get Lassiter Media This had a good start and end, but seemed stretched out between.
If You Want To Truly Know A Cowboy Saddle Up Real Close Chance Lassiter Is Comfortable On A Horse, Not In Front Of A Camera But Public Relations Expert Felicity Sinclair Thinks He D Be The Perfect Spokesman To Restore The Lassiters Tarnished Image There Isn T Much The Wealthy Rancher Wouldn T Do For His Family, So He Welcomes The Sexy Consultant To His Ranch, Wondering If She Ll Sink Or Swim On His Territory Soon He S The One Drowning In Passion This City Girl Sure Knows How To Handle Herself But When It Comes To Handling Him It S Time For Chance To Show Felicity What A Real Cowboy Is All About very good, I can t wait to read the next one I like the idea of the series being written by different authors for each book, it doesn t get old or the same words rewritten each time.

Kathie writes at night with country tunes playing from a local radio station while the rest of the world sleeps It s the quiet time of the night that inspires her to craft her stories with a unique style of sensuality, interspersed with a little humor.Kathie has been a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist twice Her June 2001 release, His Baby Surprise, received the National Readers