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[A.M. Hargrove] ☆ Kestrel (Hart Brothers, #3) [counselling PDF] Read Online Á A gifted copy was provided by NETGALLEY my honest review This was not a good book I could barely finish it The Female MC was left this huge home and lots of cash , has a great job but has to take a mortgage to pay for the house Seriously Ook, then she jumped all over the main male MC whose interested in buying the house and offers her body for sex in exchange for him keeping her dead daughter s room EXACTLY the same way do you get me on this Creepy The story just got weirder and weirder from there And from there, the plot got even stranger yes there was sex involved between the MCs but the absurdness of the plot made me just not like this story I would not recommend this story I would be willing to read this author again but not this story My rating 2.
0 The good thing about Kestrel by A.
M Hargrove, is that even though it is the third in the series, it definitely can be read as a stand alone.
However, that may be the only thing I found good about this book.
I m giving it one star because I actually made it to the end I think only to see how the train wreck ended This feels so harsh, but it was just such a mess.
It starts fine enough, young woman has lost her entire family She s broken and broke You learn that she s in cancer research but the taxes on the house she inherited are breaking her But then all of this happens The money situation never really mapped out for me She was left 100K, I assume she makes decent money, but the taxes nearly bankrupt her within 4 years But, I don t live in Charleston This could be totally legit, it definitely made me pause and do some math Not something I want to do w Kestrel A Hart Brothers Novel This Is A STAND ALONE Novel Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of Due To Its Mature Content And Strong LanguageTwo Lives With Broken Pasts No One Can Imagine One Encounter That Changed Them Both ForeverOne Look At Her And I Want To Run Frizzy Hair, Thick Glasses, Mom Jeans, And Ruffles Up To Her Neck Who The Hell Wears Shit Like That What Decade Is She Living In My Mother Doesn T Even Dress Like That Kestrel Is A Survivor The Monster Who Raised Him Is Dead And He S Now Building A New Life For Himself, Shedding His Dark And Twisted Past He Moves Away From His Family, But A Surprise Awaits Him Her Name Is CarterCarter Is Also A Survivor Her Past Is Every Bit As Horrid As Kestrel S But She Has A Secret In Order To Protect It, She Proposes Something So Foreign, So Outrageous, Even She Is ShockedCarter Needs Love Kestrel Craves Human Contact Neither Of Them Recognizes What S Right Before Their Eyes Will They See It Before It S Too LateI Ll Do Anything You Want Anything Then Something Comes Over Me Call It Madness Desperation Insanity Call It Whatever You Want I Step Right Up To Him, Put My Hands On His Shoulders, And I Kiss Him He Stands There Like A Chunk Of Stone So I Press My Body Up To Him, And Rub Myself Against Him I Open My Mouth And Run My Tongue Over His Lips, And Then Push It Into His Mouth Nothing No Response Humiliation Sets In I Am Not This Girl I M The Classic Nerd I Don T Have Boyfriends Where Is This Coming From He Pulls Away From Me And Steps Back, Rubbing His Mouth I M Sorry, But You Re Not My Type His Features Initially Register Shock But Worse Than That, Distaste Replaces ItThat Stings Really Stings But Even Dreadful, I Am Morbidly Ashamed Of Myself That Doesn T Stop Me From Digging Myself Into An Even Deeper Hole What Am I Not Sexy Enough Are My Clothes Not Revealing Enough Um, Dr Drayton, This Is Than A Bit Awkward No, Tell Me And My Name Is Carter You Re Propositioning Me Now I Detect A Hint Of Mockery No, Not Propositioning I Want To Strike A Deal You See, I M A Desperate Woman And Desperate People Do All Kinds Of Things Carter, I M Really Not Interested I Know I M Not Very Attractive, But If You Want Me To Change The Way I Look, I Can Do That You Don T Understand What Am I Not Good Enough For You His Eyes Skim Me From Head To Toe Good Doesn T Have Anything To Do With It You Re Not Bad Enough For Me Holy Sh t Yourself Balls was this a good book I wish I knew about this series and read the first two books about Kolston and Gabby, but you get pretty much all of the recap about them in this book, so I ll pass This is an amazing I mean AMAZING book I laughed my ass off, cried times than I can count all over just one subject matter.
you ll figure out what it is in the first few pages , and was breaking out in a sweat over the HOT SEX all over this book I love me some good smutty sex, but this was off the charts AND, this book is a book that really has huge development From where this book starts to where it ends It kind of blew me away Not too many books I can think of go so far from right to left Anyway, I highly recommend this book I love discovering a good new author, and Mrs Hargrove does not disappoint I can not WAIT to read the fin So far Kestrel is the Hart man for me His book was full of passion and intrigue from the very first pageHOT HOT HOT 4.
5 passionately amazing starsFull review to be written soon DNF at 68%.
Wow, just WOW That was a BAD book.
EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this series is just completely screwed up.
I mean Gabby and Kolson were bad and Kestrel was close behind but Carter She was the worst character so far I get it, losing your child is horrible and probably the worst thing ever but building your dead child a shrine in your house is probably not really healthy but then Carter has to sell the house but wants to keep her dead daughters old room, so she tries to seduce the buyer with sex in order to be allowed to visit this room Sorry but WHAT This girls needs a very good therapist and new friends because hers just SUCK Carter is a very, very smart woman which is mentioned so often but is kind of hard to believe because view spoiler she ends up unwanted pregnant TWICE hide spoiler Kestrel is on the mend after living under his late father s abuse and control Although he has the love and support of family He needs to be on his own He grabs at the opportunity to open up a new division of his brother s company It is just what he needs to focus on rebuilding his life While taking a tour of a house he is interested in buying he meets Carter, who happens to own the house He is completely shocked to see such a beautiful woman hiding behind clothes that shouldn t be allowed in this decade He is even shocked at a proposal she makes to him She isn t his type at all but yet, there is something about her that pulls him He takes her under his wing and is able to bring out the person she was They develop an unlikely friendship and quickl

Ahhhh KestrelI really enjoyed getting to know him He was nothing like I expected After the few times we met him in Freeing Her and Freeing Him, I had a whole different notion of who he wasBUTwith all of the events prior, Kestrel had a chance to really shine even Kestrel had so much to still get over and allowing someone to get close just wasn t in the cards for him.
and then he meets CarterCarter is such a quirky and brilliantly smart girland I know I laughed so many times throughout this bookBut most of that was to cover up the devastating hurt that has altered her lifeI can t go in to detailsyou must discover all of this on your own.
BUTthis is an awesome book with a great budding romance for two people with pasts that had It s time to discover Kestrel s story The mysterious middle child One that is lured in with touch, one that stood by the monster s side, but not out of loyalty Now that the Dragon is gone, Kestrel is left trying to create a new life for himself all while struggling with the choices he made out of fear and the abuse he suffered that was beyond his control When he moves to South Carolina, he didn t expect the mousy woman who throws herself at his feet to wind him up quite like she has Carter has lost everything The only thing left in her life that makes it worth living is her drive as she works in her lab, trying to discover a cure to save lives, burdened by the fact that she could not save the ones that mattered the most Knowing she has to sell her family s home, she tries to strike Quick review Cover Pretty Rating NC 7 Steaminess HOT HOT HOT Thumbs Up 4.
5Overall YummyCharacters Well DonePlot Two broken souls on the mendPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend KestrelSUMMARY 50 words or less I love a romance that has a little substance than just good sex And this book has the sex, but it also has that something extra A little mystery, a little danger, and a whole lot of can t stop turning the page What I love about a broken man.
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One day, on her way home from work as a sales manager, USA Today bestselling author, A M Hargrove, realized her life was on fast forward and if she didn t do something soon, it would be too late to write that work of fiction she had been dreaming of her whole life So she made a quick decision to quit her job and reinvented herself as a Naughty and Nice Romance Author.Reader, Writer, WalterTheP