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[Janet Malcolm] Þ In the Freud Archives [crochet PDF] Read Online Ù Includes An Afterword By The Author In the Freud Archives Tells The Story Of An Unlikely Encounter Among Three Men K R Eissler, The Venerable Doyen Of Psychoanalysis Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, A Flamboyant, Restless Forty Two Year Old Sanskrit Scholar Turned Psychoanalyst Turned Virulent Anti Freudian And Peter Swales, A Mischievous Thirty Five Year Old Former Assistant To The Rolling Stones And Self Taught Freud Scholar At The Center Of Their Oedipal Drama Are The Sigmund Freud Archives Founded, Headed, And Jealously Guarded By Eissler Whose Sealed Treasure Gleams And Beckons To The Community Of Freud Scholarship As If It Were The Rhine GoldJanet Malcolm S Fascinating Book First Appeared Some Twenty Years Ago, When It Was Immediately Recognized As A Rare And Remarkable Work Of Nonfiction A Story Of Infatuation And Disappointment, Betrayal And Revenge, In the Freud Archives Is Essentially A Comedy But The Powerful Presence Of Freud Himself And The Harsh Bracing Air Of His Ideas About Unconscious Life Hover Over The Narrative And Give It A Tragic Dimension En skikkelig thriller og page turner som foreg r i milj et rundt de delvis hemmeligholdte Freud arkivene Journalistisk sakprosa mesterlig skrevet av Janet Malcolm.
THE VERY BRAINY PIGLETThis book had as many twists and turns as a very brainy greased piglet and it s hard to write a review as we are talking about Lofty Matters here But here goes At the time Sigmund Freud was figuring out his vast theories he was one quack amongst many quacks His theories were later accepted by many and his fellow quacks were consigned to the bin of history, so that makes him Not A Quack This is a very important fact The crux of the argument around which this book pivots so gracefully speaking as a Freudian ignoramus, I have read maybe two introductions to Freud is as follows THE SEDUCTION THEORY NO PIGLETS INVOLVED In the beginning Freud treats women suffering from hysteria I think we would now call this neurosis He hypnotises them No, not with his personal charm, with actual hypnosis They tell h

Surprisingly given the rather strange and narrow topic , a fascinating book not just on Freud, but on academic narcissism and on the psychology of heresy Fun I mean, certainly not of interest to everyone, but if you ve ever given half a shit about Freud which you should and if the idea of reading about a bunch of lunatic analysts and deranged academic infighting doesn t actively turn you off, I definitely recommend In the Freud Archives Also, it might enhance enjoyment if you ve got ties to Berkeley or Manhattan There is an Oscar winning screenplay waiting to be plucked from these pages Helen Mirren will get best supporting actress for her role as Anna Freud I can t wait to see it, so hurry up and adapt It won t break any box office records, but several notable critics might gush themselves to death.
Anyway note that this book is incredibly short I d always pictured it being k

In the Freud Archives and