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¼ Enna Burning ↠´ Download by ¼ Shannon Hale In this somewhat downbeat magical fantasy, a sequel to the marvelous The Goose Girl, Enna best friend of Isi from the first book comes into possession of an old manuscript that teaches her the art of fire speaking, magically starting and controlling fire At first it seems like a wonderful gift, but a couple of fairly major problems with this power soon become apparent to Enna For one thing, it s a devastatingly effective weapon in war, and there are those who are anxious to control Enna, and through her set fire to their enemies.
I m such a huge fan of The Goose Girl, but this is a very grim tale, and a little too one note for my taste Apparently fire speaking is a really dangerous gift to pursue Who could have guessed Three stars, because there are still some lovely scenes and thought provoking writing The end Ok the cute little baby prince helped this book scrape by with 3 stars For the most part, I really did not enjoy this book If you deleted the words fire, burn and heat, you d lose 2 3 of the book I thought the plot was unimaginative and very forced Kind of like when you used to add adjectives in your English papers at school to try and get the required number of pages Plus, any book that spent a good part of the time BURNING PEOPLE ALIVE or talking about someone wanting to burn people alive, was really creepy to me Right out of a horror novel This would be a torturous way to die and no amount of writing about Enna s regrets at doing so, softened what happened I can t imagine this in movie form shudder As a story about Enna, it only rated 2 stars With the small sideline parts about Isi, Geric, Razo and Finn, it barely manage I couldn t decide whether to give this book 4 or 5 stars I debated for way longer than I have time to debate about truly unimportant things like this I struggled a bit through the first part of the book because I was reading the really exciting part of another book concurrently Why did I start a book before I finished my first one I don t know, okay I just wanted to I was really frustrated with the heroine from the first Book of Bayern Isi Ani because she accomplished this incredible feat only to be defeated by the task in the second book or so it seemed Also, I didn t really like some of the choices Enna makes in the beginning of the book.
However, the second part of the book from about where she gets captured on was INCREDIBLE I loved it Everything that frustrated or confused me about the previous chapters was expounded upon and bec Shannon Hale has yet to disappoint me Her writing is a little slow at first even she concedes that she sucks at making a novel grab the reader from the get go , but there s something extremely satisfying about her writing style, even when it is being slow as all get out She manages to make this story interesting even when it is being entirely predictable which only happened a few times, and even then she convincingly created enough doubt that the predictable thing was about to happen that it was still intriguing to read.
This type of novel probably isn t for everyone a fact which I concede reluctantly, because I really enjoy her books and she s kind of my hero for being a severely well educated and talented writer Not only is it kind WrensReads Review I absolutely adore this series, and not in the obsession kind of way, but in the way that it makes me dream dreamy things.
I have reread this series at least six times now, and I won t stop It s one of those series that has a special place in my dark heart that brings a little light and perspective to my world.
Hale has made a beautiful world where the elements and animals have languages that people can grow to understand if they try hard enough Imagine being able to see pictures and hear words on the wind of things around you It could save your life Or feeling the heat of the living things around you, always being aware of your surroundings But every gift, has its consequences They laughed much harder than the memory was funny because it felt good to laugh.
Dark, disturbing, and very thought provoking You never know what kind of book Shannon will write next, which is one of the coolest things about her The Full Cast Audio version does it justice, too, with good acting and good music composed for the book.
For Use In Schools And Libraries Only Enna Hopes Her New Knowledge Of How To Wield Fire Will Help Protect Her Good Friend Isi The Princess Anidori And All Of Bayern Against Their Enemies Her Need To Burn Is Uncontrollable And Puts Enna And Her Loved Ones In Grave Danger This book was much less complex than the Goose Girl, Hale s earlier novel in the series It had one recurring theme that ran tediously throughout I felt the whole piece was rushed that the language not nearly as creative as I know Hale is capable of there was the constant description of how Enna felt when the fire overwhelmed her and I can t say there were many twists of plot Just one wildfire, raging through Enna and her forest, til it hit the shore.
I was very excited to readby Shannon Hale because I LOVEd Goose Girl I was pretty disappointed in Enna Burning Maybe I couldn t relate to Enna as well, but I didnt sympathize with her and was annoyed by all the talk for 3 4 of the book about the fire and the consuming desire of it etc etc I just wanted to get on with a good love story and not hear about how she was trying to deal with this weird overpowering urge to burn things I also didn t like how Isi became an almost weak, needy character Finn was adorable and too good to be true, but there wasnt much romance between them If it wasn t meant to be a love story, then it was also very disappointing as an adventure story as really not much happens til you re 3 4 of the way through, and then even that adventure is very short lived and not very exciting i thought the remedy was kind of a lame sc My least favorite Shannon Hale book I mostly only kept going because I knew I had to in order to get to the third book, and also because I m kind of in love with Finn But for a book in which a ton of things happen, it was really quite boring.
Each of the books of Bayern features a hero struggling with a major character flaw Enna s is her need to stand out and do something special, which drives her to learn fire speaking in spite of the dangers, and the need to burn almost kills her If you read it as a metaphor for addiction, it sinteresting and makes Enna a littlesympathetic, but it still makes for a boring book and my least favorite Hale heroine That said, I should point out that if I were like her in a desire to stand out and be noticed, I might have identified with herand liked the book better I mean, most characters

Shannon Hale is the New York Times best selling author of six young adult novels the Newbery Honor book Princess Academy, multiple award winner Book of a Thousand Days, and the highly acclaimed Books of Bayern series She has written three books for adults, including the upcoming Midnight in Austenland Jan 2012 , companion book to Austenland She co wrote the hit graphic novel Rapunzel s Reveng