Trailer ñ Cinder & the Prince of Midnight PDF by ✓ Susan Ee

Trailer ñ Cinder & the Prince of Midnight PDF by ✓ Susan Ee Quote Reveal Update May 1st, 2019 Soooooo, I just got another email from Susan and ahhh, the delicious teasers are out in the world Are you ready to take a sneak peek As far as I m concerned, Susan will be postingin the following Mondays and Wednesdays on her blog so please make sure you re following her latest updates D My pre reading fangirl mode April 23rd, 2019 OMG GUYSSSSSS THE QUEEN OF ANGEL APOCALYPSE AND POOKY BEAR IS BACK WITH ANOTHER THRILLING RETELLING OF CINDERELLA AND AHHHHHHHH, I HONESTLY COULDN T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT WHEN I SAW HER EMAIL Look at that COVER That orphan girl That devastatingly gorgeous smoke There d be a Cinderella, a freaking awesome DARK KINGDOM, and a PRINCE Okay, deep breath, Jasmine, deep breathThe BEST PART OF ALL THIS This book will be out exactly one week before my birthday, on June 3rd, and ahhhhhhhhhhYou can now preorder i Enjoyable but it isn t up to the level of the Penryn series Cinder the Prince of Midnight is to Susan Ee what prays that this is not the final cover 1.
5 stars because this isn t a very good book, friends The one compliment I ll give is I actually finished reading it instead of DNFing, which means it was a quick and easy read If you re expecting the same tough female characterization and compelling action writing asAngelfall you should probably cancel your book order and save yourself the money.
THE GOODI read the entire book easily in one two hour sitting, meaning it was both an easy read and one where I wanted to know how it all ends.
The beginning starts off in the middle of an action sequence, too, which is sure to suck readers in.
THE BADLiterally everything about this book screamed as sloppy, tacky, disturbing, and rushed Susan Ee is a self published author and ever since her first wonderful debu She mailed me and I was like WHAAAAAAT and then I saw the word PRINCE and suddenly I m 16 again, waiting for my next book boyfriend to charm me from tips to toes and

Me when I saw Susan Ee has a new book coming out I don t know what to say This really, really hurts me I was over the freaking moon when I got Susan s email about a new book coming out I pre ordered it And now I m reading it, I m 50% in, and I m in shock If this book did not have Susan Ee on it, there is no way I would ever believe it was written by her I can t describe how disappointed I am as I m helplessly looking around the internet for others to explain how this book can possibly be by the same author I saw a lot of the previous comments talking about the cover and I too thought it was terrible, but the book reads just like the cover would suggest it reads Amateurish in writing, predictable story lines and scenes, none of the toughness, uniqueness and wit we came to love about Penryn, and perhaps most crushing, none of the butterflies in your stomach romance either I kept reading and reading, hopi She has no choice Just like I have no choice We all have choices, even if we do not realize it I don t even know what to say.
I wanted to love this, I wanted to give this amazing rating, but I couldn t.
It was bad Just bad.
Where is my awesome Susan Ee I want her back 2,25 O.
G I thought this was never going to happen Finally a new book by Susan Ee.
I love her books.
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