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5 stars Really enjoyed this one Such a breath of fresh air after uncountable insecurity driven books It s lovely to read about two strong women finding each other And I love nature so that s another thing I enjoyed amongst the ocean of city based stories Usually, I don t like first person view but this time it was used really well and I think it s even one of those rare occasions when it fits better than anything else Kennedy s misadventures in the Alaskan wildlife were funny and her reaction to all that s happening evenso And Wally is my spirit animal Overall a really enjoyable, light read Recommended for everyone Oh Kris Bryant , my new and somehow very late discovery What a wonderful romance I fell in love with Kennedy and her clumsiness The nice thing about this book is that it has a hint of action which spiced it up a bit Kennedy Wells Is Desperate To Get Back Her Dream Job Writing For Mainstream, Waters Publishing S Celebrity Magazine She S Worked Too Hard Over The Years To Have It Snatched Away Because Of One Tiny Indiscretion That Ended With A Giant Lawsuit After Five Months Of Writing Mind Numbing Articles About Current Events, Her Boss Agrees To Let Her Get Back To Reporting On The Rich And Famous After One Last Story A Born And Bred City Girl, Kennedy Is Sent To Cover Fishing In Alaska, Which Has Her Feeling Just Like A Fish Out Of Water When Brynn Coleman, Director Of Alaska S Wildlife Rescue And Sanctuary, Comes To Her Rescue Time After Time, Kennedy Can T Help But Lower Her Guard And Open Herself Up To Brynn S Standoffish Charm Falling For The Sexy Ranger Is One Thing, But Is The Possibility Of Love Worth Giving Up A Career She S Always Dreamed Of Cover Artist Kris Bryant And Sheri HalalGenres Contemporary RomanceWords , So yeah That was straight up fantastic I know that a lot of you have already read this, so I won t recap, but this one is going right into my favorites folder One of my absolute favorite memories is from back in my 20 s the band I was in had a few gigs in the Anchorage area, so we made a real trip of it and explored Alaska while we were there One of the coolest things I ve ever had the privilege of doing in my life was getting to visit a wildlife sanctuary while we were there that was very similar to the one described in this book, and we were also lucky enough to get to visit the Iditarod Sled Race HQ and museum Holding and playing with the husky puppies that were going to eventually become racing dogs was pretty dang fun too I ll never forget t 4 Stars for this Fish out of Water romance.
After Kennedy Wells was taken off her dream job as a writer for a celebrity magazine, she is given a chance to return if she will write an interview with reality TV star, Dustin Collings about deep sea fishing for their sister publication, AA Antlers Anglers They want someone with Kennedy s talent to write the celebrity piece Kennedy reluctantly agrees to go to Alaska for the interview, in spite of her being a big city girl who iscomfortable in Prada heels and cashmere than boots and wool sweaters.
She quickly discovers that Anchorage is not Los Angeles She picks a rental Lexus sedan instead of the offered SVU She decides explore and take a drive but she gets lost and proceeds to accidentally scare a moose and her calf The moose retaliates by sitting on her Lexus, refusing to move Kennedy is r Where am I going Channel Islands San Diego Baja I wracked my brain and listed off all of the ocean fishing near LA Anchorage, Alaska, Erin said Are you fucking kidding me Okay, raise your hands if you want to spend 3 4 weeks in Alaska accompanied rescued by a sexy, butch ranger with a lean muscular body and full to die for kissable red lips.
A romance with a side of adventure in Alaska between a born bred Cali lady and the local hottie, featuring the beautiful landscape of Alaska, its famous animals and Brynn Coleman What an irresistible combo.
Bryant nailed it with the built up to their first kiss first intimate scene I was as excited as Kennedy when those scenes finally happened and pretty sure that the temperature in Alaska increased when they finally hit the sink Sighs.
Kennedy, I was certain that most of the readers myself were envious of you Loads of page time for th I am so glad that I gave this a shot because I was really hesitant after Touch I ve liked most of Bryant s works, but that one made me wonder After reading a lot of great reviews, I gave in to Breakthrough and I m so happy that I did.
After some business mixed with pleasure drama, journalist Kennedy is sent to Alaska to do a piece on a reality star She s reluctant because she s crazyseriously, who wouldn t want to go to Alaska Anyway, there is a world of difference between Los Angeles and Anchorage and our protagonist s learning curve is steep Luckily, Brynn is around to save her ass from trouble at every turn There is a wee bit of drama in this story, which has nothing to do with the romance It s merely another circumstance that Brynn needs to save Kennedy from and it brings them closer to one another in the process Kennedy is a city girl that I couldn t really relate t Kennedy Wells is sent off to Anchorage, as continued penance for an indiscretion, to interview a celebrity who wants to do a reality fishing show A total city slicker, her disastrous first day in Alaska is brightened only by her rescuer tall, gorgeous wildlife ranger, Brynn Coleman.
I m a fan of Bryant and I ve been waiting impatiently since Taste and I relieved to say that this did not disappoint Kennedy s unashamed and blatant cluelessness about the outdoors is hysterical It also serves to highlight how ill suited she and Brynn are I thought that this was all there would be to the story but I was wrong and the suspense that wove itself into the plot was a wonderful surprise I liked that Kennedy was aware of how incompetent she was in the wilds but that she was also there to do a job and would do it to the best of her ability.
Brynn was a bitof a dark horse and mostly because

Can someone turn this into a lesbian Lifetime movie After reading this book I walked away with a crush on both main characters and a raccoon Why is it always so difficult to review a book that I love I ve been staring at my screen wondering how to convey just how good this book is Do I start with my love for city slicker Kennedy who just like me is allergic to all things nature and bugs related Or do I talk about Brynn, the raccoon loving, damsel in distress saving, ranger with a heart of gold Maybe I should just mention how funny this book is because of all the crazy things that happen to Kennedy This walking disaster in couture seems to have the worst luck of anyone to have ever set foot in Alaska If she s not upsetting the local wildlife she s probably being the cause of Brynn turni Loved it , a really nice romance with actual chemistry, the characters were really great, I found myself chuckling at Kennedy, she s what I would call a dosey cow and Wally the raccoon made me want to jump in the book and steal him 0.
oh I d better mention that the sex scenes were very sexy and nicely done, I loved the push and pull of this romance, it wasn t boring or average at all, it was funny, sexy and had an interesting storyline, kept me glued and for once i picked a romance that didn t bore me to death An ARC was given for an honest review

Award winning author Kris Bryant was born in Tacoma, WA but has lived all over the world and now considers Kansas City her home She received her B.A in English from the University of Missouri and spends a lot of her time buried in books She enjoys hiking, photography, spending time with her family, and her dog, Molly who gets attention than she does on Facebook.Her first novel, Jolt, was