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[ Read Online Blood Heat ¹ world-of-darkness PDF ] by Dale Chase ☆ Review can be read at It s About The BookTad and Clay met on a trail ride where men finding relief with other men isn t exactly a secret but it s not talked about openly outside of certain circles either What starts as just getting off turns into first kisses and falling in love Then Tad gets his heart broken and shoots Clay.
Years later Tad is sitting at another bar, in another town, when he sees the ghost of his ex lover stroll into the place Obviously not dead The yearning for Clay is still there but Tad s sure Clay won t be too happy to see him They re both staying in the same town and are bound to run into each other It s just not going to be a happy reunion.
This book was pretty short For those of you expecting a romantic read I wouldn t get your hopes up when picking this one up This is a love story bu The Last Person Cattle Drover Tad Albright Expects To See In A Cheyenne, Wyoming Saloon Is Clay Hecker, The Lover He Shot, And Believed Killed, Twelve Years Before While Welcoming The Knowledge That He S No Murderer, Tad Doesn T Welcome The Man Whose Betrayal Prompted The Shooting As Past Mixes With Present, Passion Ignites, But Sex Isn T The Cure All It Once Was Tempers Flare, A Fistfight Ensues As They Attempt To Resolve A Past That Seems Beyond Resolution Love Does Have A Chance, But It S No Longer The Stuff Of Youth Can These Men Accept A Healed Over Wounded Kind , Words This is actually2 1 2This was a very quick novella, about 38 pages set in America s Wild West around 1893 Tad and Clay knew each other 12 years previous until Tad shot Clay and left him for dead Fast forward 12 yrs both now 31 yrs old Clay walks into the Saloon Tad and his men are at for a few days At first Clay ignores Tad which is fine then Clay wants his day of reckoning for being shot.
So this novella is basically some horny cowboys that get in on, get jealous, and make up Which normally I m all for But the wording and phrasing of this was not the best Which is a shame because I can see the potential that this author has, the depth that these characters could have gone, but I just can t get past raw words and actions used I still may look 2.
5 star review by Pamela MaeIf you re looking for a romantic read, this isn t for you This is blunt, gritty, and downright dirty.
Tad is thrown by seeing Clay, the man he shot and thought dead these last twelve years What throws him evenis that he still has the same feelings he had for Clay Will they get their second chance There is a plot, but it s almost submerged in a sex fest which is generally rough, dirty and fast There are certainly plenty of horny cowboys about For a short read it s very heavy on the sex, some of which just isn t to my taste A couple of dub con moments and mention of a shitty dick threw me out of the story.
When Tad and Clay finally have their reunion after Tad doing his best to hide from Clay, it s at the muzzle of a gun This is followed by a fight Tad loses, followed by dubious consent sex, which includes ignoring Tad s broke

Not a bad cowboy story The blurb sums it up well Sex, whiskey andsex.
Full reviewage on Prism Book AllianceThere s an unmistakable cadence to the way Dale Chase writes It s clean and crisp, confident It s a rhythm I find myself mirroring that cadence in the way that I read her stories She knows the voices of her characters, no doubt or hesitation in sight Blunt descriptions and actions, no filter to speak of She understands sentence and story structure, which means reading cowpoke is so much fun I get it and I love it What a story like this shows is that, no matter the packaging, no matter the location or pattern of speech, we re all vulnerable to someone wriggling and needling their way into our hearts You ain t t only one swooning, Tad, my friend.
A roughneck heart That s what this is, that s w

Dale Chase has been writing gay male erotica for sixteen years with over 150 stories published in magazines and anthologies, including translation into Italian and German Her second novel TAKEDOWN Taming John Wesley Hardin will be published by Lethe Press in November 2013 Her first novel WYATT Doc Holliday s Account of an Intimate Friendship was published in 2012 Two e collections followe