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Ù Read Þ Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid Ù Black Heart Blue is a touching book which I really enjoyed because it is unusual and both sad and heartwarming at the same time.
I really enjoyed the way this story was told It it told it split narrative for the majority of the book switching between the twins One looks backs of the events the story is set around while the other is present tense As a reader you are therefore trying to make sense and fill in the gaps between the two narratives which is something I really liked about it.
The best thing about this book is following the story of the twins as they go out into the real world after living like prisoners with a father who treats them like animals and hides them away from the world and tells him it s because they are evil I like seeing how the girls interacted with the world in their own different ways and found myself wanting t Edito lo que me pasa con este libro es MUY loco, el sentimiento que me provoc su lectura es tan deprimente, me transmiti tanta tristeza, tantas emociones negras y negativas, que no lo tolero Lo tengo metido en un placard porque no soporto verlo, me chupa la energ a Supongo que voy a regalarlo, pero un a o despu s de leerlo la sensaci n deprimente no se va Realmente es un caso nico y curioso, nunca me pas algo as Es verlo y que se me haga un nudo en el estomago lo tengo ahora mientras escribo y sentir rechazo Ni siquiera puedo decir que es porque no me gust , porque s lo hizo un poco, pero me resulta intolerable Estoy para el interne, lo s Es una sensaci n s per fea la que me transmite Review original Es una historia muy, muy cruda.
Es un buen libro, pero es tan cruel que padec leyendolo, no tiene ni una cosa linda, solo horror tras horror.
I ve actually waited a couple of days before reviewing this book and I think that I made the right decision to do that Black Heart Blue is definitely a haunting book and I think that I appreciate it now that I ve had even time to reflect on it I think that this will be a book that lingers in my mind for quite a long time.
On the very first page of this story is a verse from Sylvia Plath s poem, Daddy I absolutely adore Sylvia Plath, so when I read the verse, I was so excited that I was maybe going to read something that was so marvellously interlinked, but I was also scared that the story was going to be a disappointment in my eyes, it s quite a big thing to try and follow on after a Plath verse Thankfully, I think that using the poem was the right thing to do Reid definitely did it justice with the story that followed.
Black Heart Blue follows the life of tw Fuh I tried so hard to make this a spoiler free 4.
2 5 for Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid.
Black Heart Blue is a gripping tale of twin sisters, Hephzi and Rebecca, who have been subjected to abuse and religious extremism in their own family I like how distinctive the main characters are Hephzi, the extroverted one, bold at the outside but most fragile at heart and then Rebecca, her twin sister, who suffered Treacher Collins Syndrome, who seemed fragile but actually was a strong willed child in protecting her sister They are glaringly different but they complemented each other well.
I loved how the chapters perfectly interlaced between the before which was told from Hephzi s perspective and the after , which was told from Rebecca s I loved how every chapter of this book explores every range of emotions su Its quite rare that I feel so emotional when reading a novel but this certainly was the case with this story Its a very powerful and compelling story at which I felt sadness, anger and hope in equal measures The story is told in two narratives of both past and present from two twin sisters, Rebecca and Hephzibah Hephzi The book starts with Hephzi s funeral We are not told why she died although as the book progresses, it becomes clear Although they are twins, the two sisters are very different Hephzi was the pretty one but Rebecca was severely facially disfigured from a birth defect We learn about the relationship between the two sisters and that of their lives with their parents a religious fanatic of a father and an indifferent mother There were times when the book horrified me at the way the girls were treated and it s very true that you never know what goes

The author of this book described child abuse in realistic ways, so as a result parts of the story is rather painful and disturbing to read, for example, the abused victims are always too fearful to seek for help to a point you become frustrated and wanting to scream OMG Seek help already Plus the complicated relationship between the disfigured girl and her pretty twin sister has also been handled nicely 4 stars.
Erste Zeilen Sie haben mich gezwungen, heute zur Beerdigung meiner Schwester zu gehen Irgendwann musste ich nachgeben.
Eye Candy Das Cover ist d ster und traurig gehalten, das passt gut zur Geschichte Irgendwie h tte mir eine Zwillingsthematik fast besser gefallen, aber ich will nicht meckern.
Inhalt Eine untypische Zwillingsgeschichte, die dramatische Z ge aufweist und keine leichte Lekt re f r zwischendurch ist Es geht Unteranderem um h usliche Gewalt, Krankheit und das Grauen, das unter der Oberfl che des allt glichen Lebens lauert.
Meine Meinung Auf dieses Buch habe ich mich sehr gefreut Es klang wirklich vielversprechend und tiefsinnig Die Leseprobe hat mir auch sofort zugesagt, daher bin ich mit ziemlich hohen Erwartungen an das Buch Zwillinge wie Rebecca haben es nicht leicht Ihre Schwester Hephzi ist wundersch n, beliebt und das genaue Gegenteil zu ihr Doch noch etwas macht Rebecca das Leben schwer Ihr Vater Er ist Pfarrer einer Gemeinde, er sperrt die beiden in ihr Zimmer und w rde sie am liebsten Tag und Nacht im Haus behalten Als sie dann, wie durch ein Wunder auf ein College gehen d rfen und nicht mehr von der Mutter unterrichtet werden, merken sie wie anders sie sind Sie kennen kein Facebook, haben nur gebrauchte Kleidung und Schminken verbietet ihnen der strenge Vater sowieso Rebecca und Hephzi hassen ihn genauso wie sie ihn f rchten, ist er w tend oder betrunken schl gt er seine beiden T chter Besonders gegen Rebecca hegt er einen gro en Hass Dann verliebt sich Hephzi auch noch in einen Jungen und schleicht sich abends davon, Rebecca wei vorneherei dass das nicht gut gehe They tried to make me go to my sister s funeral today In the end I d had to give in I d been walking in her shadow for sixteen years and I liked its cool darkness It was a good place to hide Such a beautifully written yet extremely sad book It follows the lives of 16 year old twin sisters, Hephzibah and Rebecca Told in split narrative format, Hephzibah narrates the past before her death and Rebecca the present after her sister s death Hephzibah is the beautiful, outgoing and popular twin, while Rebecca is silent, disfigured and lacking in self confidence Both girls struggle to cope with life, living with their fundamentalist Christian parents the father is a vicar , who abuse the children, particularly Rebecca, in ways beyond imaginable But when the girls start colleg HephzibahYou Ve No Idea What It S Like Having A Freak For A Sister RebeccaBorn First, Prettier, Hephzi S Always Been The Popular One The FatherWhen He Was Busy With His Bottle We Were Usually Safe Usually The MotherHer Specialist Subject Was Misery And Lessons Of Painful Silence Hephzibah And Rebecca Are TwinsOne Beautiful, One Disfigured Trapped With Their Loveless Parents, They Dream Of A Normal Life But When One Twin Tragically Dies, The Other Must Find A Way To Escape Because If She Doesn T, She Ll End Up Like Her Sister

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