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[Molly O'Keefe] ↠´ Between the Sheets (Boys of Bishop, #3) [erotic-romance PDF] Read Online ↠´ 05 17 2014 Overall Rating 4.
5 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 2 3 1 2 StarsWriter s Voice 4.
5 StarsCharacter Development 4 StarsStory Appreciation 4.
5 StarsEnding 4 StarsWorth the Chili 5 Stars 4.
27 onwhen released in July 2014 Smexy HEAT Rating Moderate368 pagesThis is a gem of a book trapped by a silly cover and an awful title Please don t let poor marketing have you thinking this is just another cheesy serial romance It is most definitely not I found it raw and the insight profound This author has done it to me again She can cut to the very core of the reader and have us shaking our heads saying, YES She gets it A few things that shine through when reading this one 1 This author has either personally experi I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you Between the Sheets was a good, decent read Both characters come from broken pasts and are trying to make something new of their futures.
For Ty, it is trying to build stability for himself and his son And for Shelby, it s trying to overcome her morbid, guilt ridden past that she needs to learn how to let go in order to move on and be happy I had originally signed up for this book because I had been following this series had had hoped that with the title and cover indicating a hot, sexy read that it would follow that suit but it doesn t I mean, in some ways it does and some ways it s not it s something .
All and in all, I liked it and can t wait for the next book in the series Good job Molly

Quick summaryShelby Monroe was humiliated six months ago see Wild Child and she s soldiering on until she meets neighbor Wyatt Ty Svenson She s got a formula she uses to manage her life that keeps everyone at a distance and she s yet to have a meaningful relationship Ty s new to Bishop and is struggling to figure out how to be a father to his newly discovered 11 year old son, Casey The heart of the storyWhile Shelby s willing to keep everyone at arm s length emotionally, she doesn t have a problem tangling sexually with Ty At some level, this works for both of them for a time until he realizes he needsThere are some very interesting reasons why Shelby s wired this way and it doesn t help that she s struggling with her mother s increasing debilitation due to Alzheimer s Why I loved this storyI felt Shelby s humiliation in Wild Child to my core but I didn t know I added this book because Harley Quinn was reading it in the last scene in Suicide Squad.
5 stars The past is never dead It s not even past William FaulknerTy has just moved to Bishop with his teenage son, who he didn t even know existed until a few months ago, and is working to make a go at their relationship, settling in a new town, curbing his wanderlust and life in general One evening a neighbor lady stops by to complain about his noisy habit of working on motorcycles until the wee hours It s about the furthest you can get from love at first sight However, when Ty gets called to the school to pick up his frequently in trouble son, lo and behold there is the neighbor lady, also the school s art teacher, and she is one of the few in the room sticking up for his son Here starts the interaction and relationship between Ty and the neighbor art teacher, Shelby.
Shelby s story and background is completely saddeni By looking at the cover, you think you re going to get a light fluffy romance WRONG What you get is a rough, angst filled book that shatters your heart You ll want to reach out to Shelby and simultaneously hug her and smack some sense into her head, and you ll want to wrap Ty up in hugs and tell him he s doing the right thing.
If you read book one in the series, you will remember Shelby If you didn t read book one, you ll get her back story and not be lost but you should definitely read book one cause it s good Shelby is so strong and brave and has gone through so much Watching her realize that she isthan what her father drilled into her was miraculous I honestly didn t thinks she d get there She was so stubborn and proud and sold herself short on deserving happiness I m so glad Ty didn t give up on her.
Speaking of Tyhe was broken in his own way, but he had such a loving heart He was p I wanted to like this better than I did but I just couldn t like the heroine The hero wanted to treat her with respect but she kept making him treat her basically like a whore by refusing to accept anything else from him Consequently the sex scenes while hot enough left me feeling kind of icky I don t know why he fell in love with her since she made him feel bad about himself Yes she had a miserable back story and she had flashes of kindness mostly to his son but she was just cold and unyielding The three stars are for the quality of the writing and for the hero s relationship with his sone.
I received a free ARC of Between the Sheets from Bantam via Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review Between the Sheets is a very profound story, where the romance took the back seat and finding themselves became the characters main purpose.
This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews Perfect For Readers Of Susan Mallery And Rachel GibsonAfter Years Of Running, Wyatt Svenson Has Now Parked Himself In Bishop, Arkansas, Trying To Do The Right Thing And Parent A Son He Didn T Even Know He Had Until Recently Over Six Feet Tall And Packed With Muscles And Power, Ty Likes To Get His Hands Dirty, Fixing His Motorcycle At Night And Keeping His Mind Away From The Mistakes He S Made Then His Pretty Neighbor Shows Up On His Driveway, Doesn T Bother To Introduce Herself, And Complains About The Noise First Impression She Should Loosen Up Funny That She Turns Out To Be His Son S Elementary School Art Teacher And The Only One Willing To Help His Troubled Boy Ty Needs Her In Ways Than One Though Shelby Monroe Is Safe In Her Structured Life, She Is Drawn To Ty S Bad Boy Edge And Rugged Sexuality What If She Just Lets It All Go Her Worries About Her Mother, Her Fear Of Heartbreak, And Her Tight Self Control What If She Grabs Ty And Takes A Ride On The Wild Side What If Becomes Reality Intense, Exhilarating And Addictive But Ty Wants Than A Secret Affair He Wants It All With Shelby But Will She Take A Chance And Open Her Heart Ty Is Determined To Convince Shelby To Take The Biggest Risk Of Her Life On Him Wow, as always, Molly O Keefe delivers with this book Are you looking for a contemporary romance with maladjusted heroes and heroines with lots of personal issues and poor coping mechanisms Looking for those coping mechanisms to be broken painfully down as they fall in love Looking for the redemptive power of love to bring them into a happier life, integrated into the community they once felt set apart from, and with a loving partner who makes them be a better person Then you ve come to the right spot.
Once again, we re in the town of Bishop Shelby was in Wild Child, book 1 of Boys of Bishop, having destructive and degrading dirty sex with Dean Jennings, the CEO of a cracker company who had come to Bishop for a tv show Shelby is an art teacher who grew up as the only child of a narcissistic shyster preacher,

Molly O Keefe has always known she wanted to be a writer except when she wanted to be a florist or a chef and the brief period of time when she considered being a cowgirl And once she got her hands on some romances, she knew exactly what she wanted to write.She published her first Harlequin romance at age 25 and hasn t looked back She loves exploring every character s road towards happily ever