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Download Epub Format Õ Awakening His Duchess PDF by Ë Katy Madison Color me impressed I m avoiding my homework like the plague when an email alerted me that this book was only a buck onNormally I read through the titles and discard the email But this one drew me in by it s description Lord Beaumont Havendish has been thought dead for nine long years However, death would be a relief from his grinding existence as a white slave in the tropical island of Saint Domingue At long last revolution gives him a chance to escape, but he ll never escape the knowledge that the woman he loved sent him into a living hell He leaves the tropical sands behind and returns to the gentle shores of England, thinking the nightmare is finally behind him, to find it has only just begun The traitorous Yvette is comfortably ensconced in Beau s ancestral home, posing as his bereaved widow Yet, nothing is what it seems Yvette is What an amazing read It has everything you want in a historical novel The characters are believable There s romance, mystery, and suspense The storyline is unique and intriguing Even the Author s Note I found entertaining I look forward toby this author.
Lord Beaumont Havendish Has Been Thought Dead For Nine Long Years However, Death Would Be A Relief From His Grinding Existence As A White Slave In The Tropical Island Of Saint Domingue At Long Last Revolution Gives Him A Chance To Escape, But He Ll Never Escape The Knowledge That The Woman He Loved Sent Him Into A Living Hell He Leaves The Tropical Sands Behind And Returns To The Gentle Shores Of England Thinking The Nightmare Is Finally Behind Him, Only To Find It Has Only Just Begun The Traitorous Yvette Is Comfortably Ensconced In His Ancestral Home, Posing As Beau S Bereaved Widow Yet, Nothing Is What It Seems Yvette Is No Longer The Girl He Once Adored She Seems Like A Ghost Than The Wicked Temptress He Believes Betrayed Him Can He Forgive The Past And Dare He Risk Awakening His Duchess I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
At first, it took me a bit to get into the story but once I did I didn t want to put it down.
Story is a little dark and gothic at times, but adds flavor to the mundane historical romance novels I liked the change from normal historical romance reads to this.
Yvette was very young and in love with Beau and then thought she lost him She remarried and built her family After several years and slave revolution she goes to England to get help from Beau s family Beau returns and you can see the chemistry between them is still there but so is 8 9 years of separation and hatred It takes alot to work through the issues that each have or thought was there.
I enjoyed the romance, the gothic parts and the action in the story.
Overall very good book I had it done in a weekend as I couldn t set it down Very compelling story that made me want to know what was going to happen next.
This story drags you in All the characters in this story go through a very difficult time and must come back and find love together again I found myself crying, smiling, and cheering the characters in throughout the whole story In all a very powerful and emotional story.
75 starsFor the past nine years Lord Beaumont Havendish s family has believed him to be dead Drugged by a Vodou boker Beau has spent six years as a slave on a sugar cane plantation in Saint Domingue After the slave rebellion that freed him he s spent the past three years attempting, with his friend Mazi, to get home When he finally arrives it s to find the woman he believes responsible for his enslavement, the woman he s hated for nine years, living at his family s home Yvette, the woman he married the night before his death.
Awakening His Duchess begins in 1785 with Beau, our hero being buried alive in Port au Prince, Saint Domingue and proceeds quickly to the slave rebellion six years later in 1791 Beau is not the thoughtless, privileged boy who left the family estate nine years ago His lungs have been affected by the cane and his right side has suffe An amazing read An interesting plot with zombies without the flesh eating gore but then this really is the correct historical take on zombies and not the Hollywood verison The author uses many historical facts and details to get the locations and descriptions correct Beau being the 3rd son and rebel sets out for adventure only to set foot on the island and fall in love with Yvette Yvette loves him enough to marry him even if he is penniless Their happiness is short lived as he ends up dying the next day She remarries to save her family planation, to a man that ends up not being as nice as he seems Tragedy follows again when the slaves revolt killing her husband, stepchildren, baby daughter, son, parents, sisters, and brothers She escapes the island with her eldest son and sets sail for England and safety You real

This book deserves waythan 5 stars An amazing adventure of love, death, deception, trust, romance, revenge, class structure, and new beginnings When the third son of a Duke, Lord Beaumont Havendish, falls in love with a beautiful French girl during his world travels, he takes her innocence with promises of marriage and happily ever after Yvette has been promised by her father to another suitor, but her love for the young charismatic Beau sways her However, happily ever after goes terribly wrong when Beau collapses during breakfast the next morning As he s conscious, but unable to move, he can t call out for help when they begin lowering his coffin into the ground Was Yvette unwilling to be claimed officially as his wife since Beau hadn t told her he came from great wealth As he s kidnapped and sold into slavery on I m having a hard time finding the words to start this review.
I guess I can start with phenomenal, great story okay that s 2 words , exciting, riveting and couldn t put it downI could go on and on but I will spare you because I think you can tell already I enjoyed it LOL The characters come alive, jumping right off the page, making you feel as if you are right there with them During some of theexciting moments, which there were plenty of, I actually left nail marks embedded in the pages because it felt so real That is something that I really enjoy in a book and this book had plenty of it The friction between the main characters, Beau and Yvette, kept me turning pages long after I should have been asleep, but once I started r

Katy Madison has always loved stories As a child she was always lugging a book around At the age of eight, afterKaty Madison having gone through over a hundred Nancy Drew mysteries, all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books at least twice and many others including her full weekly allotment of library books, Katy went to her mother and begged for a new book to read Her frustrated mother handed her a ro