☆ All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love, All-Power ↠´ Download by ↠´ P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

☆ All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love, All-Power ↠´ Download by ↠´ P. Sufenas Virius Lupus Reviewed this on my LiveJournal For The First Time In History, read The Story Of The First Four Deities Of The Tetrad Panpsyche, Panhyle, Paneros, And Pancrates Four Transgender Or Gender Variant Deities, Who Have Come Into Being In Our Time As Divine Figures Whose Living Myth Reflects The Realities Of Twenty First Century Gender Diversity A stunning work, both beautiful and inspiring.

One of the single best reads in all of modern paganisms It is fun, it is sexy, it is wise beyond all logical expectation and if you know PSVL, those expectations are pretty fecking high , it is powerful beyond what you can know when reading it, and it is as the goddess Ananke herself said, NECESSARY.
I am in the process of creating a group to do ritual to the Tetrad on the 30th of every month.
I bought this because Sufenas is a friendly acquaintance of mine, and a fellow academic I am very intrigued, and a believer in, emergent deities This epic poem is the tale of gods who have emerged from the experiences of all those whose sex and gender do not match up in societally acceptable ways It is full of love, from and for the deities, and very real It will put a lot of readers out of their comfort zone, but that just means it s food for thought.

P Sufenas Virius Lupus is a metagender person, and one of the founding members of the Ekkles a Ant noou a queer, Graeco Roman Egyptian syncretist reconstructionist polytheist group dedicated to Antinous, the deified lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and related deities and divine figures as well as a contributing member of Neos Alexandria and a practicing Celtic Reconstructionist pagan in the t