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Å A Tale of Two Goblins ☆ Download by ñ H.P. Mallory Dulcie O Neil Is A Fairy Working In Law Enforcement For The Netherworld When Knight Vander Approaches Her With A Case Regarding Comatose Victims, She Agrees To Help Him, Imagining The Most Difficult Part Will Be Combatting Her Attraction To HimBut, What Dulcie Isn T Betting On Is The Fact That The Case Becomes Personal When She Learns All The Victims Are Somehow Linked To HerWhen Her Best Friend Falls Victim To The Dreamstalker, Dulcie Must Do Everything In Her Power To Ensure Her Friend S Survival, Including Associating With Criminals And Accepting The Fact That Desperate Times Do Definitely Call For Desperate Measures Dulcie O neil is the ultimate Mary Sue of characters This book has its moments it really does but I see muchtelling than showing and it gets tiresome Dulcie gets drooled over and either almost raped or forcefully made out with by literally every single hot dude in the story The reader is told many times throughout the story that Dulcie Is So Amazing, but she makes rookie, dangerous moves and it s not apparent by Dulcie s actions what, exactly, makes her The Best Cop Ever I really wanted to like this series, but the combination of the super forced characters and the completely out of the blue villain has solidified my decision to not read the next novels in the series.
Quick Take Dulcie does it again This installment delivered on every promise made by its predecessor it was above all fun, engaging, and charming.
Review I was so excited to pick up and read the second book in the Dulcie O Neil series by H.
P Mallory, having enjoyed the first one so much As with book one, the cast is the big draw Technically, there aren t that many figures to keep track of which is fine by me It meansface time for the fab five Dulcie, Knight, Trey, Sam, and DiaDulcie in particular is in fine form she s a magnetic character, with different facets to her personality that provide plausible and engaging expression in scenes both light hearted and somber.
I get the sense that the author is deliberately keeping a steady pace in revealing her fictional world and in The Dulcie O Neil series has quickly won me over I love the fun, light hearted feel to the books Yes, the characters face dark creatures, and fight bad guys, but there is plenty of humor and all around great entertainment The main characters are back in action, from Dulcie, Knight, Bram, even Quillan I did miss Sam a bit, though, as she spent most of the book a victim of the Dreamstalker However, Dulcie faced the villains head on and went to deep, dark depths out of loyalty for her friend That fierce loyalty drew me to love Dulcie that muchShe is an imperfect heroine, who happens to have fairy magic and human hang ups While A Tale of Two Goblins is an urban fantasy book, there are hints of romance I really like how HP Mallory gives Dulcie s character several options on the romance front There is Knight the handsome new boss, 3.
5 stars Just when you think her books can t possibly get any betterH.
P Mallory proves you wrong A Tale of Two Goblins has an extra pinch of fairy dust that makes it thatspecial than the first book There saction, mystery and romance, along with the side splitting humor that is H.
P Mallory s trademark If you re a lover of the paranormal and want a lighter and fun read without stepping away from the genre, look no further and definitely check out this series read my full review here SPOILERS for To Kill A Warlock Dulcie O Neil 1 A Tale of Two Goblins gets us back in the action with the much loved fairy Dulcie O Neil At the end of To Kill A Warlock she left A.
S Association for Netherworld Creatures because of the outcome of the last case she was working on Quill Shame on you She agreed to the role of consultant when A.
S needs her Hopefully this will give her time to deal with the emotional backlash triggered by the events of book 1 It also meanstime to work on her novel Acting Chief of Headquarters super hot Loki ,Knight, approaches Dulcie about a case involving a possible Dreamstalker who has rendered several victims unconscious and trapped between a state of life and death When Dulcie realizes she has a connection to almost all of the victims she becomes concerned it might be personal, and she quickly agrees to originally published at enjoyed the first one so much, I was disappointed by the second It was an okay read, but not as good I kept putting off writing this review because I wasn t exactly sure why I didn t enjoy this one as much After letting the thoughts percolate for a couple of weeks, I ve come to realize it s three different things.
The first reason is the love interest, or actually the lack of love interests In the first book, there were three, and some could even say four guys, lusting after Dulcie But in book two, it was mainly all Knight Not that that s a bad thing, but for me it just wasn t as interesting as when she had a bunch of guys after her.
You do have a bit with the vampire, Brom, at the beginning, but then he disappears for pretty much the rest ugh.
can this story line get evenfrustrating Would they just do it and all these men around her how can a girl get so lucky.
This is the second in Mallory s Dulcie O Neil series with vampires, werewolves, goblins, loki, witches, fairies, elves populating the streets of Splendor, CA along with the humans and a new threat causing people from Dulcie s past and present to fall into a coma for days before dying.
The chemistry between Dulcie and the three males who want her is off the charts Bram, Knight, Sam, Trey are back helping Dulcie with this latest case Quill even makes an appearance.
Bram is celebrating his 300th birthday as a vampire and is evengorgeous than even andenad with Dulcie.
Knight, still his uber sexy and delicious self, is back to drag Dulcie into an ANC case and torment her with all his flirtations.
Quill, still his paranormal romance book cover sensual self, comes to Dulcie s rescue when she needs some not so legal help an

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