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ca A Timely and Interesting Mystery 3.
5 Stars This marks the 4th installment in the Lacey Flint series and according the author, we will have to wait a while for the next Over the course of 4 books Lacey Flint has come to be one of my favorite characters in any current crime thriller series She is brave and impulsive, loyal and secretive She is running from her past and avoiding her future While I enjoy the character, it is my hope that when Lacey does return, the author choses to begin a new story arc for the character Lacey often comes off as directionless While this is part of the who the character is, it doesn t feel as if she is growing I want to read about Lacey for many years to come but, for me, if she doesn t grow the series will become stale This is, of course, my own opinion read it for yourself and see if 4 s Alert the media I finished Most of the action ,twists, etc take place in the last 100 or so pages Upon reflection, some of the reveals were beyond stunners and moved somewhat into over the top territory Not really a spoiler view spoiler Lacey and Joesbury s coitus teasus never happentus is really getting old hide spoiler I really liked Sharon Bolton s A Dark and Twisted Tide, her fourth Lacey Flint mystery, which is centered on and around the River Thames The name Thames may actually come from a Welch word meaning, dark, and from the many, many, scenes in this book, it is not only polluted, but it takes on an ominous tone, an ever present threat Lacey has a history with the river, which once almost claimed her life She now lives on the Thames in a houseboat, so I suppose one could say that she has made her peace with the mighty river Or has she The problems start early, and Sharon Bolton s Lacey Flint is right in the midst of it Lacey swims in the Thames most mornings yes, swims Nasty, but not unheard of Lacey s usual swimming partner Ray is under the weather, so she has been swimming solo Should we be surprised when s

I love the character Lacey and I love BOLTON S series, but this was not one of my favorites Easy to read, there is so much going on that the pages almost turn themselves, but I think that was part of my problem There is just too much going on I didn t feel connected to the characters like I usually do in these novels, the depth just wasn t there for me Also I think it is time to give Lacey a break, every case doesn t have to become personal for her, putting her mental state at further risk.
So while I liked this one, I didn t love it.
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Book 4 in the Lacey Flint series.
It took me a while to come to grips with this book Each new chapter had a new character that seems to have no relevance to the last chapter or character But this didn t last long, it soon all came together with startling clarity This is an unsavoury tale of people smuggling Young women, who are living a horrid existence in Afghanistan, are lured to the U.
K with promises of a better life for them and their families of course there is a price to pay for living in utopia.
Lacey Flint is an intriguing character, strong and assertive but there are issues in her past that she is trying hard to forget These issues are still to be revealed to us, the readers, but this intrigue keeps you hanging for the next instalment.
This is up there with the best of Sharon J Bolton It s dark and sinister and a lot of the action takes place in the dark and eerie Publication Date 8th May 2014Ex Detective Lacey Flint has quit the police for a safer, quieter life Or that s what she thinks.
Living alone on a houseboat, she is trying and failing to get over the man she loves, undercover Detective Mark Joesbury But Mark is missing in action and impossible to forget And danger won t leave Lacey alone When she finds a body floating in the river, wrapped in white burial cloths, she can t resist asking questions Who is this woman and why was she hidden in the fast flowing depths And who has been delivering unwanted gifts to Lacey So here we are at Book 4 in the Lacey Flint series from Sharon Bolton where does the time go Hey not complaining, if I could have book 5 now I would.
along with books 6 and 7 well you get the point and after the events in Like This For Ever, Lacey has left Dark and Twisted, Indeed Another Psychological Disturbing Masterpiece The killer has her now, but the woman is naked and slippery with water and sweat She isn t easy to hold and she s fighting like an eel The biting and scratching and the continual wriggling are exhausting The killer s grip loosens The woman is up Reach out, grab She s fallen, slapped down hard on the stone floor, hit her head Dazed, she s easier to manage Heave The sound of flesh scraping along stone Arms flailing, claw like hands trying to grab hold of something anything but they ve reached the smooth, metal pipe that in the old days took the water out of here Lift her in Climb after her Push her along The pipe is short, not much than a metre in length.
There is water below, feet away, Young Policewoman Lacey Flint Knows That The Thames Is A Dangerous Place After All, She Lives On It And Works On It But She S Always Been Lucky Until One Day, When She Finds A Body Floating In The Water Who Was This Woman And Why Was She Wrapped So Carefully In White Burial Cloths Before Being Hidden In The Fast Flowing Depths DCI Dana Tulloch Hates To Admit It, But She S Fond Of The Mysterious Lacey Even If She Keeps On Interfering In Her Investigations, And Is Meddling With The Latest Floater Case But Now She S Got To Break Some Terrible News To Her News That Could Destroy Lacey S Fragile State Of MindAnd Lacey Will Need To Keep Her Wits About Her Because There S A Killer That S Lurking Around Her Boat, Leaving Her Gifts She D Rather Not Receive This is the 4th book in the Lacey Flint series by author Sharon Bolton.
I have given this a 3 star rating but could easily be a 4, I don t think there is a big enough range to make adequate and realistic ratings.
As per usual Sharon Bolton writes very good plots and strong characters making her books an excellent read.
In this 4th book in the series Lacey Flint is now working with the Marine Police and when the love of her life Mark Joesbury goes missing while working on an under cover case there are rumours of him being a rogue cop Life gets complicated when she finds a body floating in the river, wrapped in white burial cloths and she can t resist asking questions Who is this woman, why was she hidden in the river and who has been delivering unwanted gifts to Lacey A good read but in my opinion not the authors best work.
Why do I do this to myself It s 2.
30 in the morning and I have just finished this book A couple of hours ago I picked up my Kindle and told myself I d read a few chapters before bed Well those few chapters turned into the rest of the book I read the first Lacey Flint book last year and absolutely loved it In the crime fiction genre there s so much of it which is just repeated over and over again and so I always look for books which are different, and which have unique stories and unique characters That is definitely the case with the Lacey Flint series from Sharon Bolton.
Lacey is just a fantastic, multilayered character that I just love reading about After the events of the previous book Lacey is back in uniform and working as part of the Met s Marine Unit She is also living on a boat at Deptford Creek Now

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